Why not Hunt?

Last nighr's game left me somewhat confused. When Ferri went down, wouldn't the obvious course of action be to put in Hunt? I see his name is on the active roster.
Was he dressed for last night? If not, why not?
Is he still injured and the Als want to bring him back slowly?
I thought that, under the circumstances, Gallant played a fine game...but I figured Hunt would go in. Is he not the same position as Ferri?

I don't think he was dressed. The active roster has 46 players, only 42 dress. He was most likely one of the four left out.

He was not dressed,along with Stala, Imoh and McElveen; 21 imports and 21 non-imports were dressed.

I was expecting him to be dressed and Gallant as a scratch, like the first game. It almost backfired. The only explanation is either he is not 100% or Gallant is a better special team player. He will most definitely be dressed for next game.

I am extremely surprised and happy of the resuls to date. When Thurmon is 100%, he will replace Bratton. Armstead is a disappointment so far;could be replaced by Larry Taylor sooner than later.

Donovan Alexander will probably be in the line-up next Thursday; Wright should be released or transferred to Practice roster.


You think Alexander is ready for pro ball allready?

According to Herb Z, Hunt will play next game. He was one of the four healthy scratches for last night's game:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALGAZETTE/blogs/thesnap/archive/2008/07/05/he-could-be-in-the-hunt-this-week.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/MONTREALG ... -week.aspx[/url]

By the way, with the emergence of Desriveaux, and Deslaurier as a starter, and with Stala not in uniform last night; I think its over for Stala. What a waste... But, I think he has always had an attitude problem; nonchalant and not a hard worker.

I think before Friday’s game, he just got to being 100%, and didn’t want to risk it with him. I wouldn’t worry, a veteran like Hunt, will see some action on this team, especially when Ferri went down.