Why not free tickets to Calgary Toronto Game?

Why wouldn't the Argo's in co-ordination with the Ticats give everyone or at least Hamilton season ticket holders free tickets for the game today? or say $10 each to get a few more people there?
What's the negative?

8) I agree with you, but since the Argos are running the whole operation today, the Cats would need their permission
  to do that !!

   As you mentioned, even if the Cats offered their season ticket holders, tickets for the game at a nominal price of 
    say $10-$15, they may have had  a few hundred at least take advantage of that offer.

    It sure is not going to look very good on TV with the East stands only half full, if even that !!!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I was offered, via an e-mail offer, a chance to secure 2 tickets for this afternoons tilt for free through Ticats All Access. I filled out the required info and "won" a pair. From what I understand, the team received more requests than tickets available.

For those not receiving freebies, I thought the ticket prices were exceptionally affordable. $22 and $32 each is pretty good if you ask me...

Me too...gave them away to a couple of young men who had never been to a live game. :thup:

Theyve been giving them away hand over fist. They did fan access draws and yesterday they did a caption contest for tickets and mustve picked about 20 people including myself, I got 4 tickets. I thought bonus, I work in toronto and all of my buddies out there are huge argo fans, i’ll go with my dad and ask two of them. All of them said no thanks, they didnt feel like making the trip to Hamilton. So I have 2 that are going to waste because ive been trying all my friends and family and everybody they know but nobody wants them.

i do feel sorry for argo organization and i love hating them but..... i just cant stomach watching them play someone else in our house just the fact that they are there and not facing the cats nooooo thanks suck it up argos next year youll have ur home n a packed house until then u only temporaily can use ours,, flashback to 96 cup and them things celebrating in our locker room ... YUCK

Don't worry the Argos are NOT using the Ticats locker room but the visitors while the Stamps are using one of the extra locker rooms built for soccer.

I entered twice and nothing in all access. I was going to grab a pair from Ticket Master and $64 for two was $84 after tax and fees so no thanks. No friends really wanted to go either so just as well. No biggie but I may have gone for free...paid $20 for parking, $20 for a couple of beers and probably10 or so for a hot dog. Though probably doesn't benefit Argos, Cats probably would have got that revenue.

i received 2 tickets via all access and gave them to a friend at work as he is a argo fan

I got 2 tickets via all assess and another 4 tickets for entering a caption contest on Facebook. I'm in Edmonton so I couldn't use them, so I gave the 2 to my sister and brother-in-law. And I gave the 4 to Ronald MacDonald House.

Free tickets and still only 3k in the stands? yikes :roll:

There wasn't a lot of free tickets, I'm guessing 600 tops. Considering it was only three days ago that move became official, the attendance shouldn't be a surprise.

Wouldnt have been any more at game if it was in Toronto everyone from Toronto was watching the Blue Jays lose as i watched the Argos lose here for free

might have thought about going if there hadn't been a jays game and leaf game in essentially the same timeslot... but really would have had a hard time cheering since the arholes, stamps and refs have really all been my personal nemesis for the last few decades

Where did the 3,000 number come from?

My feelings too.


Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
There were just 3,401 fans at Tim Hortons Field to see the #Argos lose to the #CalStampeders.
Full recap here: http://wp.me/p65Ld4-3HT

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago

There were just 3,401 fans at Tim Hortons Field to see the #Argos lose to the #CalStampeders.

8) Yep, you guys just confirm what I have been saying for years regarding what so many people on here think.
   You hate the Toronto Argos, but just love the Toronto Laffs and Jays.    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

    Just  totally unbelievable !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->