Why not...Flutie Bros. Band for Grey Cup 1/2 time?

I have been thinking this thought for a few years now,
Why not try to obtain the Flutie Brothers band (do a web search, you'll find them and youtube vids as well) for a Grey Cup half time show? They play classic rock tunes, they sound awesome, PLUS it's Doug and Darren in the band (Doug's on drums, Darren on the guitar..)
The NFL hires them during the Superbowl weekends...I just think not only would it be cool but classy if a CFL Grey Cup host city were to hire them and pay them decently (if the band would even consider something like this) for a half time Grey Cup show.

When is Winnipeg supposed to host their next Grey Cup in their new stadium...? Might be something to pursue.

I don't have a great desire to see a cover band at halftime.

Maybe not, but how about Saturday night at the SoE or Tiger Town? That's a thought. :strokes chin:

Would be fun to have them playing during the GC weekend for sure.

even better :slight_smile:

I have no issues with a band as such partaking...simply not half time.

A crappy cover band as the half time entertainment. No thanks.

Could be fun. Maybe not as THE headliner, but perhaps sandwiched in between other acts. I still say Tragically Hip should be the CFL's official House Band until a better option comes along.

Saw the Hip at the final concert at Ivor Wynne :rockin: :rockin: great band and a great show :rockin:

As for the Flutie Band,watched some of their YouTube videos,and frankly....yes it is Doug and Darren.....but headliners ???? Not even close.....but as a sandwich band ????? They could probably fill the bill and be kinda fun to watch. :cowboy:

My votes for Hamilton hosting a Grey Cup are some local boys. Either the Arkells or Monster Truck.

Too late, the league's already cashed Hedley's deposit. :wink: