Why Not Do This?

"All current bids, including Bill Palmer, the Golden Gate and Frank D'Angelo"

why doesnt Bill Palmer Creat is Own Franchise In Halifax.

The Golden Gate In Quebec

Frank D'Angelo in Ottawa?

why cant they all jus buy there own teams and make the league bigger! why would they all want ottawa, why not expand now.

I wonder if any of them actually have the money.

If they did, wouldn't we would see a team in Ottawa next season?

They need a big enough stadium in those other venues.

wouldnt it hurt CFL teams having 2 new CFL teams coming in a dispersal draft in the same year? :?

Two new teams would be ok if they were given a team this year, but wouldn’t start until 2008. It would give the new teams time to scout and sign players before the season. They could have a good number of american and canadian players already scouted and signed before a dispersal draft begins.

However, Palmer seems only interested in a new ottawa Rough Riders team.
D’Angelo could turn into another Gleiberman because he just wants a team to advertise his brands.
Golden Gate is the only legitimate group.

The three groups have the money to buy the rights to the franchise, but not to build a stadium. That's what always prevented Halifax from having a team: no one wants to pay for the stadium.

Few owners actually want to spend their own money to upgrade municipally owned stadiums also unless governments are putting something into it as well. And only natural, hard to make money with just a CFL team playing in a stadium, usually you need other events as well since there only some 10 games played in football in your own stadium.
Problem has been in places like Hamilton is that the city has done little to keep THEIR stadium up to standards, and the same in Ottawa, not sure of other cities.

Besides, they would have to come up with a comprehensive plan for the league to review on how they would not only bring in a franchise.. but SUSTAIN said franchise. The league is no longer interested in band-aid solutions to the expansion problem. You can expect any proposal to take years to get up and running.. you can't just show up in Quebec City with a few mill and say "Yeah, I'm gonna put a team here.. adjust the schedule."

problem with that

  1. not enough CFL stadiums, only Ottawa has one.

  2. one group was to move the team to the US, I believe.

  3. Frank D'angles is another G waiting to happen, putting him in chagre of a team is bad news.


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