Why not cut O'Day some slack?

First of all, it is very unlikely that they will need “help to finish out the season”…Harris will likely be back in a game or two. Also, most knowledgeable football people would agree that Mace knows what he is doing. So it would be presumptuous of fans, or media, or pundits, to assume that they know more than the HC, about the reasoning/evaluation that made Dolegala expendable.


Can anyone name at least 10 very good players that O’Day brought in? I can…and more. They are in first place, and may still be there when Harris returns, yet I am still seeing all the vitriol directed at him. He can’t be blamed for the spate of injuries that has plagued his team the past few years. Strangely, I don’t see as many people screaming for a complete overhaul in Winnipeg.

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Well, it’s not like it’s his first season, Maybe mace should look at taking over g.m. Duties to. Eliminate 1 body. , mace seems to know what he’s doing, they really need to have a number 2 q.b. ready to go, there’s no time for flailing now, this has gone on too long already. Protecting the q.b. Must be number 1 priority.

He should of been gone last season, now 4 years to fix our O-line, it is finally better this year and keeps our QB up right for the most part, but can’t make a hole for our RB!! This should of been addressed 2 years ago and fixed, and maybe Cody is still a Rider. Reynolds needs to go also.


Marino, Duke Williams (discipline cases), Marshall (discipline case as well as a selfish player who hurt the secondary more than he helped it), Bandy was a turnstile at center, Pete Robertson couldn’t rush a snail, to name a few.

He did nothing to replace Blue or Clark, and the offensive line has been terrible and declining throughout his tenure.

Also, look at who left or were driven away… Sankey left in a furious state and was quoted as saying it was directly because of ODay and his “lack of respect”. We all know what happened with Fajardo. Those two alone… well, Montreal. Nuff said.

Let’s not forget that the team went through something like 5 potential OC candidates not long ago, because no one wanted to take the job! And Mace, while a good hire and ultimately the right choice, was still not the first choice. There were a couple of pretty big names who simply said they weren’t interested, or set impossible terms because they didn’t want to work here.

Add to that the hometown hero quarterback Mason Nyhus from U of Regina, who, when added to the Riders’ protected list, said no, thanks. He may or may not have worked out, but the fact that he, a Sask kid and all star, didn’t want to even try for the Riders speaks volumes.

ODay took over a great roster with a winning record, with all the pieces in place to go to, and maybe win, the Grey Cup in short order. He turned that team into a perennial discipline problem, hired, supported, and renewed a coach who was over his head, and seen the win loss record worsen every single year.

It’s no wonder both attendance and team profit have declined dramatically during his time at the helm.

He may be getting lucky this year, but based on his history here, I think Mr. ODay has had quite enough breaks.

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That is a pretty scathing assessment. It must be remembered that a GM does the recruiting work in concert with the HC. And you are right about Dickey being in over his head. Also, O’Day had to “wear off” the influence of his supposed mentor: Chris Jones…who had the charisma and empathy of a dill pickle. O’Day is now growing into his job. A rookie isn’t immediately successful any place in football. Cut him some slack; there may be a parade down Albert St. sooner than later, and all the “boobirds” will be silent, going into hibernation until the next hiccup…which always happens. Team success is cyclical. Before the recent WPG. rise and demise, they almost fired all of their front office.
BTW, Nyhus just didn’t have the attributes necessary to play pro ball. And the refrain of players who get cut/traded: “I was disrespected” is a recurring, constant, drum beat. One of the most outstanding recent ones was Andrew Harris, upon leaving WPG. with a bad taste in his mouth. Sure, they kissed and made up, but that was after the fact. Football can be a nasty business, everyone needs to “suck it up” and realize what they signed up for.
And, if a guy makes some mistakes while learning, and then gets it right. Why is it just luck?

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You asked “why NOT cut him some slack”, so that is what I answered.

And most people who take half a decade to learn their job get fired long before that time. The only reason he is still in the chair, IMO, is his history as a player here. While that earned him some slack, it should only go so far. (BTW, I thought he was trained by Brendan Taman, the man who destroyed the Bombers).


Brendan Taman is another guy who needed time to get his stuff together. He also put together a Grey Cup winning team in 2013. Riders, at home, GC 101, bliss! His biggest mistake was giving Chamblin carte blanche, and Chamblin got a big head which was his undoing. But it was Jones who influenced O’Day, not in a good way.

Jeremy O’Day, cut him slack? Huh? The guy has been with the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization going on nearly 30 years. First as a player, then a office boy in charge of concessions, then Brendan Taman’s assistant gm, now the official Saskatchewan Roughriders gm. Any professional sports entity that runs a relevant organization structure top to bottom definitely would not condone what Jeremy O’Day has brought to the table in a executive position which amounts to nothing but struggling year after year to be relevant In a 9 team league with questionable decisions, mostly head scratchers in hindsight. Both Jeremy O’Day and team President Craig Reynolds are way past overdue and should have been relieved of their respective duties a long time ago. [Mod edit… removed unverified claims and misinformation]
Jeremy O’Day with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, time to leave, it’s long overdue.

This is the first I have heard about ODay either being rejected by Montreal or begging Chris Jones for a job. While its obvious that I am no ODay apologist, I’d like to ask you to post some kind of link to back up these two stories before I believe them.

Your “story” has more holes than swiss cheese. First of all, O’Day was never beholding to Chris Jones for a job. The Rider executive was aware of O’Day’s value so they kept him on staff, while bowing to Jones’ demands for complete autonomy re: player movement. Jones’ MO was not totally endorsed or appreciated in Riderville. So, when Jones left there was little desire to recruit elsewhere, as O’Day was on the radar of other clubs. Hiring him to replace his “interim” status was little more than a formality.
The late Jim Hopson has done more for the franchise, on and off the field, than anyone else. He was behind the offer to hire O’Day back in 2011 after his playing days ended. I will defer to Jim’s business and football acumen. It is hard to second-guess him…especially when the team is in the midst of an undefeated season. Give your head a shake. It is easy to postulate unproven theories, and present them as fact. Just remember one thing: you are talking about a person’s career!..not about a preference for vanilla or chocolate ice cream. (Both of which would be acceptable on a day like this!)

Accurate, good reply! I think we will soon see that O’Day will not need an apologist. Even as the injuries multiply, his search for players has kept them in a good place…like first place!

Line is a work in progress and they are getting better. As for that ex qb, he needed to get canned and then needed another year and change to begin to become a decent qb. Our changes were way to slow to happen on defence. Thats on the previous staff and the GM.

Thankfully we are doing enough to get by as we continue to improve this season. Look forward to watching it unfold.

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Your posts are always entertaining to read.

We disagree on ODay’s abilities/value as a GM, and I think we’ve both established that there is an actual thought process and logic behind the reasons we’ve given to reach our individual opinions. I can respect that, even if our conclusions differ. I get the sense that you can, too.

However, just ragging on a guy for no reason, or worse, for false or made up reasons, is not something that I can respect.

On which note, @Bom1980 , if you have links to back up your assertions, please post them. Otherwise, I will be deleting your post as misinformation.

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I respect your opinion even if we differ. But I detest mud-slinging BS as you mentioned, so, please delete. That guy has zero credibility now, after that load of trash!!!

Sure…if you like reading fiction!

I have to give him a chance to back up his story. I’m giving it until this evening.

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Ya I should of added that.

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It will be nice to see have brammer fills in .