Why not cover preseason

I would really like to know why the cfl and tsn will not provide any coverage of cfl preseason games. Even if they did it online in broadband, it would be something. If the cfl wants to encourage more people to watch the games then they should include all the games, preseason and all. Also why is there not more build up on tsn for the upcoming season. The nfl and nhl both do lots of preseason analisys shows before the preseason games and then show preseason games. The cfl has to get more serious about this and cater to the fans you already have as well as trying to draw new ones in.

TSN is there to service ... Toronto. Their market research tells them that there is no interest in televising meaningless sports games between players who are fighting it out for backup roles. Combine that with hockey and basketball playoffs to compete with. The analysts would actually have to learn another hundred names of the players, and provide intelligent commentary about them, which they already struggle with.

It's a bit of a shame that the hardcore fans don't get to see the hopefuls, but the calibre of play is also fairly low and not the kind of publicity that the league needs.

Last year, I caught the pre-season Hamilton game on a streaming radio broadcast. It was my last memory of Ronnie, as he was doing his rather remarkable job of commentary.

To be honest, I think that the preseason games should be covered.

If I were Sportsnet/CBC/The Score, who don't have a lick of CFL football on their networks, would try to work something out with the league for them to air the preseason games.

I know Sportsnet wants to get in on the CFL and the CBC just lost the CFL so I think it would be in their best interest to start somewhere. Now maybe TSN has the veto power but I think this is their foot in the door.

Hockey only televised one pre-season game (I can't even remember why) and its supposidly our Number one sport. It comes down to sponsors. Sponsors wont pay much for exhibition. TV can't afford to produce a telecast that cannot generate revenue.

It all comes down to dollars.

Yeah I can't understand why they can't show at least two preseason games, one in each week and help hype the upcoming season. Just pick for the games whatever two teams would give the best ratings. Going with Saskatchewan probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Do the local cable outlets in other cities broadcast any preseason games? I know here in Hamilton, Cable 14 broadcasts the home game. I'm annoyed the Cats away preseason game is in Winnipeg this year. If it was in Toronto like last year, I would have went.