Why not Cookie Gilchrist?

So what?......he was a very good athlete and got shopped around, woop dee doo!...Happens every day in sports ! and co-operation happens all the time between the CFL and NFL managers.......just hours after Kevin Eakin signed here, the Tiger-Cats were going to let him loose again if the NY Jets couldn't get a QB quick in their emergency situation that suddenly developed.......players get sold and traded and shifted around like chess pieces regularly......anyways, I'm not impressed with the way he's so bitter and can't understand his hate-on for the CFL

What part of "I love Canada and Canadians, and have fond memories of my time here in the CFL" don't you understand?

That is a direct quote from an article that was written by Jim Kernaghan in 2003. (his first interview after a reclusive life for many years)

Then please explain his thumbing his nose at the Hall of Fame?.....because he was black in the 60's and experienced some racism? Well, that's hardly a reason to turn your back. The challenge is to stay the course and lead others who may experience racism and show them to keep their heads high and work for change. He chose to not work with the CFL and society in general from what I've read and just grumbled all the time while with the Tiger-Cats......Canada was fast becoming a leader for change and I'm sorry he didn't embrace it and help it along. Canada was blazing the trail clearly and some hung in there and worked side by side with those who cared. Lincoln Alexander and Bernie Custis are a few examples as I previously mentioned.

I hate and abhor racism myself and in fact have adopted this man here (see link) as the one who gives me the most strength just from learning how he handled adversity and rose above it in a dignified way and became such a role model to others......

[url=http://www.ccl-cca.ca/CCL/Newsroom/Profiles/PILJamesBartleman.htm]http://www.ccl-cca.ca/CCL/Newsroom/Prof ... tleman.htm[/url]

Why should I have to explain? It’s pretty simple…he turned it down way back then for his own good reasons. After 2007 he later said that he regretted doing that and if offered again he would accept! Period. Things change…times change and he was part of the change.