Why not an earlier start to the season?

God, no more bye weeks. I hate them. In the NFL you don't notice them because there are so many teams. You always end up with a dozen games. But because there are only 8 teams in the CFL, you really notice them. Football almost disappears for those weekends.

No reason to be sorry rp as long as Grey Cup organizers realize that couples like me and wife won't travel to cities at the end of November to take in a Grey Cup that is outside just because it's too much money to risk freezing to death (this is the wifes demand, mine not so much but she rules the roost on this one have to admit). But I doubt the CFL cares about this too much, they tell the organizers of the Cup this is the price for the Grey Cup in your city, if no one shows up the CFL could care less, they have their money, I'm guessing that's the way it works.

no way do I want overlapp of regular season CFL with NHL playoffs. Preseason ok.

While I am CFL before any other football

While I am Fooball over any other sport

Once I am into the NHL playoffs, I dont want to be distracted by anything else til the end.

I like it just the way it is, except they should cancel the by weeks. At least then the cup could be one week earlier, for whatever that is worth

BTW, is it not true that average attendance goes up after labor day. If so, then they would lose money playing more games in the summerspring. Specially if at the beginning they were competing with hockey.

No question overlapping with the NHL playoffs poses a problem, especially if more Canadian teams end up being in the later rounds, which doesn't seem to happen that often come to think of it. But it could of course and could happen often.

I think for the most part the regular season is fine as it is. I know it's not the popular opinion but we need either a 3rd preseason game or a longer training camp as we are basically treated to 2 preseason'esque games at the beginning of the regular season.

The CFL training camps and pre season aren't long enough to let us be treated to quality football over the first few weeks.

to do that, you need union agreement which would raise everyones salary.

FYB, you have gotta be kidding.
NHL playoffs is everything that is wrong with pro sports.
A playoff system that is no system and lasts longer than the everready rabbit, almost four months of slower than slower molasses like pure agony.
Anyone that watches all of this crap really has no life?
Other then the first round which is the most exciting, the rest is pure bordom with scheduling that makes no sense with multi days off.

Could you try to be a little more narrow-minded, Tommy?


argotom, you have gotta be kidding..everything??

I must agree that it could be shortened. I think the first 2 rounds should be 5 games. However, playing in a number of hockey pools helps keep it interesting, specially if a team you cheer for makes it to the finals. Nothing was more exciting than the canucks 94 run regardless of how it ended, except for the lions 94 run of course

do you really think you have the right to make that judgement?

to each their own

p.s. if argo is short for argonauts, is tom short for tomato??? :twisted:

Thanks FYB, no disrespect intended to you.
However, I like the possibility Argotomato? Now you got me thinking.

If the season starts earlier, I know four people (that'd be me, hubby, and daughters) who won't be attending any games until the last weekend in June/first weekend in July anyway. Leave the sched as it is. Why do people always want to mess with a good thing?

October would be the worse month to end, NBA, NHL just starting and the World Series will be in progress. Unless the goal would to get less exposure than the CFL gets now. If anything , maybe have the Greycup in mid NOV, instead of the end of nov.

No, it starts too early as it is. I liked it better when they started in late July, but with an 18 game sched, it's probably not practical to start any later than they do now. On the other hand, games are played in northern US cities like Green Bay, Chicago, etc. almost until the end of January, and the Grey Cup has been played as late as the first Saturday in December, though it was decades ago.