Why not a single league owner?

Been thinking about this a bit as I zone out every now and then…what are the pros/cons, implications, benefits, etc of having one owner over the entire CFL?

In this mind workout I propose that The Rock and Jeff Bezos buy the entire league. All nine teams and the kit-and-kadoodle of the league office, all rights, trademarks, agreements etc.

Then the Rock, runs the league, as its defacto commissioner, takes his cut. Bezos mostly just pays the bills and reaps the measly profits (yeah, I know, he makes more selling diapers on Amazon than this league makes I suspect, a suspension of belief is required here).

Business wise though you set each team up as separate ‘divisions’ within the same organization…each division’s yearly business plan mandate is to win the cup….reward incentives are in place to instill and ensure competition between teams…

Probably missing a ton of logic here, but I thought it was a interesting mind game…


Ain’t trading Doman for anybody. We got it good here on the coast. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. The rest of you can do what you want.

When I first saw the thread title, I was sure the O.P. was EZ. . .


Lol, but as noted, I only zone out ‘now and then’….


Now elevate that which we like in Doman across the entire league…

Because as a whole I think it is broken….

And what’s the hope in a couple well run teams existing in a shaky reality….(I’ve argued in the past that the prairie teams could function as a mini league, but really only tongue in cheek)…

underrated post. well played. lol

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Doman will hopefully buy the league and merge it with the XFL.

runs and hides from the flying rotting vegetables


Well I have to admit that would be a great situation to be in. Too bad Doman’s pockets aren’t that deep. Maybe the Rock supplies the capital & Amar runs the show? Great things could happen to be sure.

the Doman family is very rich. i used to work for them. a lot of the Doman folks live in my area. Amar is the main man tho. but buying the league would be ridiculous and i don’t know many in canada that have that coin, although i have no idea how league valuation would be assessed…


Great point…would a potential buyer perhaps get a bargain deal for buying in bulk? Or is the whole greater than simply the sum of the parts?

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Start one at a time. The Elks may be available soon for a song.

And then march East :wink:

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I compost my gently rotted veggies, but I have Waaaay too many sticks and stones in my yard.:sob:

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i moved this to CFL Talk because it is CFL talk :slight_smile:

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Thought the same here but then I read his logic behind the headline… Nope not EZ as it made some logical sense.
Other than the Rock running the day to day as commissioner…
I wonder if Bezos could use this enterprise as a tax write-off.
Next time I have a wee dram with Jeff I will be sure to bring this up with him

Too many owners have passed recently (Braley, Spiegel) for me to be comfortable placing the whole league under one person.

I also don’t love the prospect of a sideshow spectacle of a single owner (Ala Vince McMahon and Dana White).

A commissioner who has experience is reviving almost dead animals without resorting to necromancy is an asset.


Certainly a risk but you can’t deny those guys made their products a huge success….

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CFL needs more women involved in ownership, management and decision making positions. bros club ain’t cutting it.

Poking the bears! Ha! I love it. Are you volunteering?

i have been since February

also i’m not joking. old boy club is old.


That is something that’s been plaguing the league for a long time yes…I have an equal beef with the annual coaching rotations…