Why not a Quebec City Franchise??

There has been much speculation/media attention regarding adding a CFL team in Atlantic Canada (Halifax/Moncton)
yet no mention regarding Quebec City as a possible destination which is perplexing. Not sure why this is.

Quebec City is the 7th largest Metropolitan in Canada at approximately 750,000, has rabid indigenous support for local football, (has sold out a few Vanier Cups) and a stadium (PEPS) that can hold 19,000+ and is also strong contender to bring back the NHL to town. Not sure if PEPS can be modified to hold 25,000 although it may be worth a look.

Imagine the intense rivalry with Montreal Alouettes, as well as with a new Atlantic team.

A 12 team league would be ideal IMO, split with 6 teams East and 6 West.

Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, BC, Sask, and possibly Victoria or Saskatoon
Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax or Moncton


No stadium. No ownership. End of story.

Go to Le Journal de Quebec and you'll see why the CFL in QC is a dead end, par none. Just isn't going to happen. Not even a sports section on football, heck, baseball and basketball are listed before hockey and QC doesn't even have a pro baseball or basketball team. Football, not even listed at all, some fisher outdoor site is mentioned though.

Very weird. And QC wants to host an Olympic Games without a stadium for opening and closing ceremonies? What a friggin joke that city is.

To my knowledge, Moncton does not have a stadium nor an ownership group at the moment yet are continually mentioned as the next probable site for CFL expansion.

As well, the CFL schedules regular season games in Moncton, yet excludes Quebec City for some reason.

Doesn't make sense to me...

There has been talk in QC. A few years back ... 4 or 5? A group got together interested in the possibility of owning an expansion team in QC, but from what I recall, they hit a brick wall as far as the gov willing to give any funding or assistance for a stadium. They lost interest.

I'm for it.

They have both. The Québec Capitales of the Can-Am League (Baseball), and the Quebec Kebs of the newly formed National Basketball League of Canada. There baseball team leads the league in attendance every year, and I suspect the Kebs will be a big draw as well. Quebec City is very far from a joke.

Why doesn't CFL commish Cohon try to propogate interest from business/capital partners and present a proposal to Quebec City Council?

It high time to grow the game already.

They have both. The Québec Capitales of the Can-Am League (Baseball), and the Quebec Kebs of the newly formed National Basketball League of Canada. There baseball team leads the league in attendance every year, and I suspect the Kebs will be a big draw as well. Quebec City is very far from a joke.

Well I stand corrected but honestly, those leagues aren't exactly known to me or many others I'm sure. But fair enough, thanks for the info and yes, the city should be proud of these little known teams.

But the city is a joke sports wise if they want to host an Olympics without a decent stadium for the ceremonies. What does their baseball stadium hold BTW?

Stade Municipal holds 4,800. Built in 1938. Beautiful ballpark.

Good points by the OP. I certainly agree that Quebec City would be a great CFL market. The biggest issue against Quebec City is the influence of Laval university and some of its deep pocket boosters who dont want to expand PEPS stadium. The other issue is that for some reason Mark Cohon has never seemed to be receptive to the idea of having a team in Qubec City. I dont know why, but he has never publically spoken about Quebec City. He definitely seems intent to expand to Atlantic canada first.

Yes, it is odd that Commish Cohon has never publicly stated that Quebec City would be an ideal site.
The pop. base alone should merit consideration for expansion.

And the NHL will likely award another hockey team there, as the city is considered Big League thus you would think the CFL would take notice.

There is no interest! The CFL tried to force expansion before and it was a disaster! It's up to a private investor in this "big league" city to step forward! As of now the CFL is having trouble finding 8 owners for the 8 teams it has presently. Let,s hope Ottawa has no issues getting off the ground and get to 9 teams. Also Toronto's attendence is a absolute embarrassment and there could be trouble with that franchise.

Some good points kasps.

Toronto is definitely in dire circumstances. If not for Braley, the team may have folded already.

It is still perplexing that Moncton City Council, without an established investor, is fervent in it's quest to obtain a CFL franchise, yet not a quip has been heard from Quebec Council.

Personally, I'd like to see both granted franchises if specific conditions are met.

The best case scenario is 10 teams with 10 owners that care about the CFL! I think Moncton is the best bet for the 10th team.

Maybe I'm the odd one out, but I'm content with Quebec City having no CFL team, while having a flagship CIS football team. The CFL is better when the CIS football program is better, and right now Laval's team is one of the best in the country. I'd be worried about weakening that if they had to compete with a CFL team too.

Back when Cohon became CFL commissioner, there was more talk about the league expanding to Quebec City than to the maritimes. However, Laval University was not interested in expanding their stadium, and an idea to buy the local horse racing track and convert it to a football stadium fell through. That, coupled by what's going on in Moncton and Halifax, has brought the league's focus back to the maritimes.
There are still plenty of things that could derail the project, but I believe Halifax is closer to getting a CFL franchise than they have been since the original Atlantic Schooners.

Yes, all that c-way stated is true. There is also one main issue with Quebec City getting a CFL francise is that Whettenal (or however you spell his name), the owner of the Als, has the exclusive CFL rights to the whole province of Quebec (not just Montreal), so he's probably the reason there is no activity regarding putting a team in QC (no doubt doesn't want to split the Quebec market with another team, much like Toronto ML always trying to block Hamilton getting an NHL francise, they consider ON their exclusive area).

Whettenal has rights to the whole province??

If true, I'm sure the Canadian Competition Bureau would have something to say about that and slap a nice anti-trust suit on him, but who know what goes on in covert backdoor dealings...

Anyway, IMO the Als would benefit from such an intense rivalry in the province, much like the Nordique/Canadiens did.

Guy's name is Wetenhall.