why north america needs a cfl videogame!!

i've been a big football fan for years
its probably unfortunate that most of it has been the nfl brand of things...
why would i say all of this ???
because in our country football videogames have become a monopoly for one company..
they put out a decent product every year for our college and pro leagues..
heck they even put out a game for arena football...
but where is the cfl game at??
or even this why not put the cfl teams in the madden game along with the grey cup...
i thought it would be neat for example say myself and someone from canada played online
the person from canada was a fan of the eskimos and i'm a fan of the redskins
if we played in the eskimos stadium we have to play by the canadian rules..
if we played in the redskins stadium we have to play by the nfl rules...
think of the endless possibilities in this game!!
or better yet why does'nt ea get off thier duffs and make a cfl game..
or even visual concepts
since sega does'nt have the nfl rights anymore why not go cfl???

Yeah that would be sweet but i dont think it will ever happen :frowning: . They dont care about Canada they just care about the states.

i say midway should make a CFL game..

midway used to make the blitz games...they should make a CFL game thats not quite as over the top, yet still have some stuff to make it more fun than madden...

examples...occational hitting after the whistle for labourday grudge matches, when playing season mode....rarely hitting a guy out-of-bounds and hitting a coach or mascot....distintinve crowd chants, like oskee wee wee, and arrrgggoooossss....

i remember the old NHL 94 game, and it was always neat when you could rarely break glass, or see the sanjose crowd do the jaws motion with thier arms..or hit a guy over the boards...this is the kind of thing a CFL game needs to add the extra element of fun.

"CFL Blitz '06" sounds nice to me

I'd love to play a CFL Video game.

a cfl game would rock

And here's the thing that will really burn most Canadians: Electronic Arts, the people who produce Madden, has an actual developmental studio in B.C. (if you remember, a few years back they did a newsclip of creating a digital Jean Chretien for an NHL title). Surely, with a studio on Canada's "Left Coast", EA could devote some resources to create a CFL video game.

YES. If the CFL doesn't get its own video game it should be put into the NFL game without a doubt.

More Canadians would purchase the NFL video if the CFL were incorporated AND it would expose more Americans to the Canadian game.

WIN WIN all over.

id rather not have a CFL game, then see it in madden....it makes the cfl look like the nfls developmental league


i really think a cfl game would work..
i hope someone on here reads his and gives it to the powers that be in a game company...
it would be nice to play for those of us in the states who want this a different knd of football.
this by no means is trying to degrade the cfl...
heck the grey cup is in its 94th year where as the superbowl is only 41 years old

sry about the player on the cover, it wasn't my choice, I would have put Matt Dunnigan in a Bomber uniform on the cover. :cowboy:

no no no…if you’re gonna get a game to sell right now, you gotta get Ricky on the cover. Although, Doug Flutie isn’t a bad choice (I’d prefer him in the Double Blue instead of Stamp scarlet, personally)

If it were profitable for EA or another co. to market a CFL video game...there would be one. I wish there was but I don't see it happening.

Can't argue with that. Which is probably why if EA devoted some time to make a CFL version, they'd included in Madden as some sort of extra.

CFL in Madden... that's EXACTLY what I did. Geez, you'ld think one of you would have figured out you can create a team and players in Madden already :wink:. Just takes alot of work that's all. Or a Memory card of rXBox :smiley:


I would like to see a REAL CFL game though. I've bee kinda trying to get a meeting in Mtl with EA to be the stats guy if they are making one but they don't seem to care and don't like to talk to non-employees. Aye

yeah me 2 the more i think about it the more i'd like to see a real cfl game..

On the cover for the first year, maybe put a player on that some americans would know, to give the game a boost for its first year. A CFL game would probably mean bigger TV numbers too. Americans that try the game, or watching on TV because of it, will no longer think of the league as lower class football.

Now to make matters worse, EA Sports is releasing an NFL-based strategy game called "NFL Head Coach". They're willing to milk the NFL for all its worth; yet, they turn a blind eye to the CFL. "Wussupwitdat?"