Why no sell out... this worries me...

The fact that the team did not sell out worries me. When it was 20K and the demand outstripped supply, it gave extra value to the tickets. Now... I how you don't see a huge drop in the selling of tickets. We need a team in QC to build a rivalry.

The Als can't count on guaranteed sellouts anymore obviously. They're going to have to start marketing better. Better merchandising would be a start - get their logos (new and retro) out there more.

I would tend to agree. I only know a few fans from the area personally, but many say the team basically only gets support from Montreal itself, not the surrounding area. In fact, some people that I know in the area claimed that many smaller communities were rather Green during grey cup.

I do not know for sure if it is true, but the 6 or 7 people I know have all said this.

Moving day + long weekend + downtown traffic = no big deal. And let’s not forget: it was an announced sellout. Which means that a few thousand fans didn’t use the tickets they’d already paid for.

Not a problem as I see it.

Not to mention the weather was looking pretty bleak
Cut down on the number of last-minute ticket sales

(plus it was the last day of the month...we all know what that means in Montreal)

The Als get people coming from communities outside of the Montreal island. We are all season ticket holders in our J2 section and we all come from the South shore ( bridge construction is a pure nightmare them), Northshore, and the West.
The traffic coming in from all directions was chaotic, and plus you have to remember that it is the start of a long weekend.
I personally came in from Toronto yesterday afternoon to honour my season tickets which I share with my father who lives in Deux-Montagnes.

Un mot : jazz.

Dans les dernières années, les Alouettes commençaient leur saison à l'extérieur, donc le Festival de jazz n'était pas en compétition avec eux. Là, ça a drainé une bonne partie des habitués du centre-ville.

It is also a 3 day weekend, the city was emptying itself at 2pm yesterday. Remember this is attendance not paid seats...

Ahh, ok, that makes sense. I had not hears that it was sold out, only that attendance was down…the TSN article is misleading.

I understand the traffic, and moving day, and construction and jazz festival...but long weekend is a mute point, as it is the LW every year. Not bashing or trying to start anything here, the Als have top notch fan support and are a superb organization, and I have a lot of respect for the clubs and its fans...my initial reaction was merely concern from the misleading article... this is actually my first post outside of the main CFL or Riders forum....just wanted to hear the opinion of the Als fans and locals themselves.

PS, not a fan of the Thursday game myself

No one will have the correct answer on what happened.

Even I yesterday sitting in stands and seeing 2 empty sections, I was wondering, WTH happened.

Als are probably scratching their head today asking the same question, knowing how Ray Lalonde is, he will do his darn best to make sure this doesn't happen again...

Where were you sitting Xgamer??

We were in V2. . .

Fair enough. Good to hear. Still would love to see a Quebec City and an Ottawa team in the mix.

A team in QC would be amazing but they rather be a big fish in the CIS than a small fish in the CFL. Too bad cause I think they could be both.


The answer is to simply graduate the Rouge et Or to CFL status :wink:
They're usually so dominant that I'd bet most CIS teams wouldn't be sad to see them go

Just joking of course
But I could see a basic "noyau" from the Rouge ...add some American talent and stir
They'd make one heck of a CFL team

Did Laval not make an offer for the Ti-Cats during the stadium turmoil? There is obviously some interest, as they had 180mil into a stadium as a part of the offer.

One knock on the Als management last year was their inability to sell out those luxury boxes. Does anyone know if these units were sold this season?

Right now the entire focus of QC is on getting a free 400 million dollar rink. The mayor even went ahead and unlawfuly signed some contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for which he is now personaly on the hook for.

I am sure the team ( least the last years ) saved some seats for walk ins. Are these the fans who did not show. The team spent big$ on the 5000 seat addition. It would be a complete disaster if they will not be able to fill these seats! Again, are those luxury boxes empty again this year?