Why no Printers Wallpaper?

clearly THE franchise player of the tabbies, yet no wallpaper of him on ticats.ca

why why why whyyyyyyyy???

one of the dynamic duo ( Lumsden and Printers ) would be nice too.


just made it
hope you use it lol

Very nice.

wow..that was pretty good in such a short time....it IS my wallpaper now.

not to nit-pick, but is there a better option for a lumsden pic?

lol that was the only one i could find that showed him front faced while running with the ball

Mass your Welcome to use any of my photos.
check out BGR there link to the photos.

thanks onknight

i did a bit tweak in the logo and added the helmet:



new casey printers wallpaper...it doesnt just have casey...it also has IWS and its fans