Why no penalty for the Eskimos' coach during the Grey Cup?

Hello Als fans.

 I am just starting to recover from the Grey Cup. I won't start on why we should have won... Here is my question: In the 93rd Grey Cup, The Eskimos head coach ran onto the field and started celebrating before the game was over. He made an honest mistake, but nonetheless ran almost halfway across the field during the game (that was not finished). Why was no penalty given? So called "bench penalties" have been given for less serious infractions, e.g. the Alouettes mascot touching a referee. Why no penalty for such an obvious disrespect of the game?

Because you complain too much.

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I think you are scraping the bottom of the complaint barrel with that one, actually.

Coaches are always hopping around onto the field after plays.

But usually a flag isn't thrown unless the refs start having problems with it and the team has been warned. I remember that was said on "ask the ref" on this site a few months ago.

Calm down Indydan, no need to get all upset. It's ok that your team lost to a superior franchise... and why the hell are you relating cows to Edmonton and the Eskimos? I just dont see the connection...

because it wasnt malicious,

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