Why no penalty for the coach who ran onto the field?

Hello Als fans.

I am just starting to recover from the Grey Cup. I won’t start on why we should have won… Here is my question: In the 93rd Grey Cup, The Eskimos head coach ran onto the field and started celebrating before the game was over. He made an honest mistake, but nonetheless ran almost halfway across the field during the game (that was not finished). Why was no penalty given? So called “bench penalties” have been given for less serious infractions, e.g. the Alouettes mascot touching a referee. Why no penalty for such an obvious disrespect of the game?

because the game was not in play and he didn’t hit a ref, read the rules before yappin…should coulda woulda, now you sound like a crygary fan…

Well said, eskimoswinitall! And you're exagerating it Indydan, he didn't run halfway onto the field, he took three or four steps out and did NOT touch a referee....

Eskimostowinitall you should read the rules before yappin. Here is the rule: I don't think the refs gave Maccocia permission to enter the field.

The team bench area shall be a rectangular area situated not closer to the sideline than 6 feet and extending for a distance of 30 yards parallel to the sideline. During a game the area may be occupied only by substitute players in uniform and other accredited persons including coaches, doctors, trainers, equipment assistants and water carriers. All such personnel are required to remain within the rectangular area with the exception of the coaches who may take positions between the bench area and the sideline. The coaches shall not be permitted on the playing field at any time during the game, except with the permission of the referee.

Penalty: L10

Should it have been a penalty, by the rule yes it should have been.

THanks roughyfan. Let us wait for the grand ole CFL to acknowledge this... By the way, we now have flushing toilets in Canada...

Don't be stupid. If you went by the letter of that rule every team would be penalized every play because players are not allowed within 6 feet of the sideline.If you have every watched a game you will see coaches move on to the field between plays to send in signals or talk to players etc as long as they leave before the play starts no call is made.


Coaches always walk all over the field within a few yards of the sideline between plays.

You can’t see it on TV, but if you’ve ever been to a game live you’ll see what I mean.

If you are going to complain about a penalty not being called, at least find a worthwhile one to whine about.

what the hell is your problem? I explain why that wasn't called you you respond with a juniorhigh moronic comeback. The play was over and he went on the field and was off way before the next play started. It would have been bush league to call a penalty in a situation like that that did not effect anybody except for losers who don't know football.

sadly I have to agree the Edmonton fans…it would have been a cheap call to make…I would have however given him a 15 yd flag for looking like Barney Rubble and kinda being a bit of a embarressment to men ever where…

If they called a penalty on this, that would have been the biggest bush league call in the history of the leaque without a doubt. That would have been disgraceful and totally embarrasing for the league. Not as embarrasing as Terrell Owens of course, but close.

Even though the rules state it I wouldn't expect a penalty in this situation either unless Maccioca interfered with the play which he didn't. It would be like disallowing a homerun in baseball because the runner went 6 inches off the base path on his trot around the bases.

....hey, shouldn't you have been in bed by the time you posted this?.....you don't want to do badly on that Grade Eight math test you got coming up later today.....I guess roughyfan schooled you on the rules huh?.......no more Duff beer for you........

Indydan, walking on the field between plays isn't forbidden. And unfortunately, there are no calls for "Being a disgrace" or "Acting like drunken butterfly". That hot air balloon of a coach could be laughted at but not officially punished. Although, had the Als scored a touchdown on a hail mary on the last play of the game, Crazyman Campbell would have probably fired Maciocia over his noobie dance.


While it would have been funny to see a flag tossed at Machocia, it would have been bush in the biggest game of the season. If the refs tossed a flag for that, the posts bi*ching about it would have been triple the size of this one.

wow sour grapes from a crygary fan, surprise surprise, oh well i guess i would be upset as well if my team missed the playoffs 4 years in a row and whe nthey finally do make it they got demolished in the western final, at homew no less......lol, as the saying goes in crygary "next year, next year".......

too bad that they wasn't a penalty, would have been funny to see the Al's get frist and ten again and a TD to win the game.

it woudl eb funny if the bombers actually do soemthing , instead of wasting the leagues tiem , taking up last place every year

exsume me? Hamilton (sorry cats fans) place last in the league last season. and they place 4th in the West in 2004.

AT least we have been back to the Grey Cup this decade unlike, let's see here, THE ROUGHRIDERS!!!