Why No Hype

Why arent any of the sports networks in this country hyping the upcoming free agency, which officially begins after midnight tonight. JHC, you think someone could at least put together 30 minutes on it with some discussion, pathetic.

good ?

I have to admit, I love CFL hype and agree with Pigeseye. Both networks should sell the game better in the off season, free agency market in the CFL is hot stuff these days. The fan support is growing in the CFL, die hard NFL fans in my workplace are actually talking about who's going where in the CFL. Seems like good things are happening in the old CFL...

This is one area where the media definitely needs to improve its CFL coverage - the off-season. Was there even a report of FA starting on any sportscasts?

Our local stations in Manitoba cover small amounts of the CFL in our news. We do not have a NHL team to cover...why not give more time to something we do have...A great CFL Football team..Go Bombers.

What's there to cover? the Free Press has had more then one full page(the front page of the sports section) for the past two days.

TSN would cover more except the start of CFL free agency is right next to the Trade Deadline and going by history the one that is going to be more active is the NHL(30 teams and playoffs approaching as seen by the Forsberg, Nagy, Stuart trades)

the CFL could use some more Coverage but during the off-season you can't announce every signing for every team on a station like TSN, CFL teams sign atleast 25 players each during the off-season many of which aren't going to make the Opening day roster.

The CFL also won't have such a feeding Frenzy, in the next week 3-4 guys will probably sign(possibly more but not likely) as alot of players are just testing to see what's out there, possibly working out for NFL teams or checking their Europe options.

It also doesn't help TSN that alot of the bigger name players re-signed(Okeke, Brazzell) before the FA period.

Add in that the sports channels need to cover up to 15 NHL games and 15 Basketball games(with any other sports stuff like Golf, Tennis, curling, non-NHL hockey) time for a 15 mins of football isn't there right now when there isn't alot of big news.(although I'm sure TSN did do some run down of FA names)

Agree but as said, this is a very important time for the NHL and I know that there are a lot of people who would like more NHL coverage of all Canadian NHL teams all the time during the NHL season. I sort of have to agree with them. Although a 5 minute segment on TSN,Sportsnet,The Score of free agents would be nice, I'm itching for more CFL stuff in the winter.

TheScore could do a special segment of CFL Snap on who the free agents are and where they are going to play football in this upcoming season.

..T.S.N. ....could do a lot more to hype CFL free agency...after all OUR game is a big part of the 'bread' ...in their 'bread and butter'... :wink: :roll:

I agree...here in Montreal, the only thing people are talking about on the sports shows is the Canadiens' slide. I understand this is a hockey country but would it hurt to give one segment to the CFL during the morning show? Any comments on the Als picking up Cheatwood or Grace? The salary cap being enforced? How about the possibility of going back to the 2005 rules for kick returns? Of course not...all Habs, all the time. I am a big hockey fan but there ARE other sports as well.

other sports?...i thought there was just 2 - CFL and NHL ( which i dont follow until playoffs ).

Like some have said, hockey hockey and more hockey.
It is 24/7 of overkill and now with the trade deadline all the TV networks are going to have coverage all day long starting at 10 am for TSN I believe.
Therein lies the problem as the CFL, despite being the second most popular sport in the land and gaining on the NHL, is nowhere close in being covered like being numero two.

True argtom, and there are 8 Canadian CFL teams and only 6 NHL teams so a bit more coverage is warranted absolutely.

I wouldn't mind a little university sport coverage either. Mind you, I am sure they will talk a little about baseball when camp starts up. Even that gets more press than the CFL does here even though the Expos have been gone for 3 years now.

I guessing you dont enjoy the almost daily bonds bashing in the gazette?

....I'm sick and tired of bonds getting bashed....sure their rate of return hasn't been spectacular lately what with high-yield money markets giving them trouble and a healthy nasdaq but they are still a solid investment....the gazette should lighten up on bonds....

Our local stations always report any head or assistant coach hirings in the NFL, but rarely report when a CFL head coach get hired...despite the CFL being much more popular than the NFL in Canada. I guess NFL hirings are deemed "important" to the editors and sportscasters in Canada while CFL hirings are not worth noting??