Why no Eakin?- Especially if Maas Injured

The news posts today saying that Maas has been playing injured since the beginning of the season have me wondering. I was out of the country during the game Eakin played. I understand that he did poorly but then the whole team hasn't exactly been up to snuff lately.

Is there a reason he isn't playing more? Usually you try to rest an injury.

Is Eakin NOT really very good? His history shows ability to throw and lead. Is it a case of Lancaster not liking to go away from his main man for any reason?

I'm just a little confused here.

Mark, Eakin looked worse than Brady in his start against Winnipeg. If that's not enough to un-impress a HC, I don't know what is...

in fairness, that was when Winnipeg's Defense was still flying high.

He did pretty good in one quarter starting against Montreal last year if i recall correctly. (they sat calvillo and some of their receivers but other than that they mostly played starters)

i'll say it again, if he gets the start on saturday in saskatchewan, i will not be upset.

of course if the coaches thing Maas is still the man and healthy enough to "git r dun" then i say go for that instead.

seems to me Eakins first start was pretty darn good over 400 yard 3 td's....

vs Ottawa.... and cs a team that employed coach paopao... hmmm coincidence? i think not.

Yeah it's been all down hill for him since his first game. I think Maas gives us the better chance to win, even if he does in fact have a shoulder injury.

I'd only start Eakin if there is a chance Maas will sustain a long term injury from playing through it.


Eakin should be playing if our Top Gun can't throw deep :roll: :thdn:

Look at the package that was presented by the Ticats in that game.....God Himself wouldn't have faired much better!

At this point in time...Eakin has better stats in a Ticat uniform if you include his games from last year!

I'm not here to argue...I'm just saying that Eakin didn't have a good game...but he had help. :roll:

Seems to me that Eakin and Maas both have 2 wins as Ticats..AND Maas has a few more starts! Somebody has to step up if we are going to improve!

Whoever can get the job done...that is who we should be playing!

Why not put Richie Williams in instead of Eakin? I think he has more talent than Eakin, he can run if he is pushed out of the pocket and he can throuw good on the run. I say give Richie Williams a chance

Bring back Beutjer!

Maas will have to be at death's door before Lancaster makes the switch.

Look at his record for favouring his starter.

Even if Lancaster feels Maas is the future, that doesn’t hide the fact that his confidence is shot. If it is in fact a injury, let the guy heal up.
I’d have total confidence in Eakin. You can not play him in one game and then sit him because he played poorly. He was the best QB in camp, and last year when he came in he played great for the short time he had to prep. If he sits now because of that one game then you’ll ruin his confidence too. This guy has got a arm as good as D Mac’s and he’s only 24. Play him and give Maas a chance to heal up and regain his confidence back.