Why no bowl edition

The CFL used to feature usa players in a bowl edition....Why did they stop it?

what are you talking about?

That's a good Question, but maybe the American Bowl?


ok I get it, well his wording was really awful so I thought he was talking about CFL teams and USA players?


if you're referring to the NFL/AFL playing the CFL teams which many threads before have talked about this subject, there's never been a reason why the games stopped, it is funny once the CFL won a game that was it :smiley:

Maybe he's asking why there are no threads on the countless college bowls? The answer is... because no one gives a damm except for maybe the BCS bowl and maybe the Shrine bowl....
Even the Rose bowl is a bloody joke... Like who cares if they win... instead of being the 3rd best team, they are the 4th best team. Give us a frickin playoff system for the top 8 teams and maybe we will give a damm.

If this is about US College bowl games, shouldn't this be moved to the "Football, other leagues" part of the forum?

What might not have been a bad idea is to spotlight Canadian draft picks still with their NCAA clubs playing in bowl games.

For example, because he’s from Ottawa, I made a point to watch Tyler Holmes play in Tulsa’s, and he’s Argos property. And I don’t get too many opportunities to watch Tulsa otherwise.

We could revive it… just have it in Vancouver and call it the BC Bud Bowl… :wink: