When I joined this site they did a USA COLLEGE BOWL edition where they featured all the players from bowl teams who were playing in the cfl.Anybody know why it was stopped?

Have you ever seen the TV ratings for US college football in Canada?
Test paterns score higer ratings then bowl games in this country.

I didnt know I dont think usa college football would be big here but a few years ago they featured the usa players and schools they went too.Well thats all

I always thought that if the CFL ever wanted any kind of US tv deal, that is the sort of thing they should be focusing for the US viewer (like the Bowl Edition). Like yourself Sandusky, there are a lot of american college football fans who would love to see where some of their favourite players ended up and how they are doing. It wouldn't take much to add, atleast during the broadcast season, a profile of US players as a part of the pitch to US broadcasters. I mean Versus gave the UFL $35 million a season....even half of that would equal our canadian tv deal.

I dont get why they dropped it alot of former THE Ohio State University player play in the cfl and Buckeye fans would watch them if they would be on tv here.I think they are afraid of the NFL too market in the USA.

While searching the internet looking for information on broadcasts of the CFL in the US, I came across one blog type person (I don't think he was from Canada) who suggested what you are suggesting here. For the American audiences, play up the American origins of the players in the CFL. It makes sense to me.

The NFL has an "NFL Canada" website as part of their marketing their product to Canadian fans. The CFL could do the same to raise the profile of their product in the US. They could then have two different marketing strategies depending on the country, both drawing on the target countries' own senses of patriotism:

Marketing strategy in Canada: "This is our league."
Marketing strategy in the US: "These are your players."

Do the American stations that broadcast CFL games have their own commentators, or do they broadcast "our" commentating along with the video? Perhaps, if it's not already done, someone should hire a pair of commentators specifically for CFL broadcasts in the US, have the play-by-play commentary is done by someone intimately familiar with the CFL rules and the colour (er... color?) commentating is done by someone with extensive knowledge of the American players' pre-CFL football history.

Right now, I believe they just broadcast the TSN commentators in the US. Which reflects how serious the US broadcasters are (not very) and how little value they put on the CFL. The UFL is not anywhere near as good as the CFL and yet they signed some huge tv deals with Versus and a smaller one with HDnet for a "premiere" season with only 4 teams. I think the CFL needs to hire someone with some real experience in US tv deals...there is a whole lot more money available out there....and it could change the profitability of CFL teams and stability of the league. I don't think there is anything wrong with having two marketing strategies to the two very different markets. I really like what the CFL did with the "our league" patriotism stuff here in Canada, but why not hilight a few american players and talk about where they used to play and how they have developed in the CFL since.

The broadcasts down here are simply feeds of the TSN coverage so it's TSN announcers.