Why no all-star game?

We pick an all star team, but there's no all-star game. Why not?

I can understand why we don't have it in the middle of regular season--too much chance for injury--but why is there no game at all?

no money to put into it! plus the players don't want it.

You'd need to play it at the end of the season due to the nature of football and the risks of injuries.
That means the game would have to be at the earliest first week of December. I don't think there would be any interest in watching a pickup football game in possible cold. Plus if you just played in the Grey Cup a week ago, do you really want to play again? Also if you've already been eliminated from the playoffs, it's a tough sell.

Lastly, very little interest in my opinion from fans, media and players. I don't think I'd watch to be honest if there's some other game going on.

No money and no warm sunny local (like Hawaii) to entice the players.

Most all star games are terrible anyway. Nothing of value has been lost.

There were all star games at one time, I think back in the 70's or there abouts. They were played before train camps started in empty stadiums. No one cared then just like no one cares now. I would waste a dime or a second going to or watching any all star game in any league.

This photo is from the 1970 Allstar Game, Sonny Wade handoff to George Reed. The team that one the Grey Cup the year before played the mix of the east/west allstar team, in this case it was against Ottawa the 1969 Grey Cup champs. It was played before the start of the regular season in 1970.

Not a lot of money in it, players don’t want to have it, lots of chances for players getting injured.

I don't know many that watch the NHL all star game, or the Pro bowl. If the league wanted to put something together, the best bet would be a sort of skills competition with all the all star players in it. I know I'd watch that. The NHL skills competition is really the only all star related thing I watch.

All excellent points. I'm a big NFL fan, but even I don't watch the Pro Bowl. It's boring... the only All-Star game I watch is the NBA's, and that's because they put on a big spectacle all weekend with the Skills Competition, Three-point Contest, etc. And it probably doesn't hurt that I generally watch it at my brother's place, and we get some munchies and beer and discuss the NBA. :lol: (We're both big NBA fans.)

Skills competition would be worth watching, one of those pass, punt and kick competitions. Although it would be better if all the starters in the league were involved. I'm sure that the league must have talked about some kind of skills competition.

I could get into a skills comp, but you'd need more to make it worth it. The NBA has the Rookie Challenge, the All-Star Game, Skills Competition, Three-point Contest, Dunk Contest... They just added H.O.R.S.E., though it wasn't that great last year. You'd need a few different events to make it worth it.

I went to one in the 1980's at BC Place stadium and it was awful with no drama or excitement. The teams practised at UBC then played at a sparsely attended game. The league tried hard with promotions but not much interest and the crowd has no loyalty. Poor idea - don't bring it back. :cowboy:

id like to see an all-star game before the season begins in moncton or in QC...before the 2 pre-season games. most stars don't play in the pre-season anyways, so this would be thier warm-up..and if someone gets a scratch, they have 3 weeks before the season starts to get healed up.

If you look at the players for both teams as voted in yesterday it would be a very good game in theory. You have to make it worth while for the players to actually play all out. That probably means big $$ for each player on the winning team. I think offense would suffer in the throwing dept though. QB needs time to gel with his receivers.

Lousy idea in my opinion. The NHL all-star game has been tweaked almost anually for years and it's still the most boring game on the schedule. The NFL Pro Bowl works only minimally for two reasons; 1) it is held after the Super Bowl when injury is not likely to have an impact on a players ability to play his next scheduled game, and more importantly 2) it is held in Hawaii in February. Need I say more.

I used to love the old 'CFL Superstars' skills competition.That was fun stuff.
2 of my most vivid memories:

  • Ralph 'call me Dieter' Brock taking the Arm Wrestling honours amongst all back and then going up against an LB and winning! only to lose out to a D Lineman!!
  • Joe Hollimon flying up the rope climb so fast - in a pike position! - that everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

If there was a CFL video game an all star game might actually be entertaining.

I vaguely remember those as well. Throwing footballs through tires and later at moving targets? That would be interesting but if I recall it was at half time? That would not work now a days where the team is working on adjustments. And watching backup players compete wouldn't be as neat. Taped competitions though might still work.

this, along with the fact that all-star games are in general a joke in every league.

a skills competition might be interesting