Why must I choose between opening NFL Sunday and Lions?

Could the CFL/Alouettes be any dumber? The game starts exactly the same time as the NFL opening Sunday. When was the last time a Lions game was at 10 am? There is no worse possible day to have a 10 am game than this Sunday. Just another idiot move by the CFL, probably even dumber than the referee who messed up the last game completely. I'm sure if the game was at BC place, it wouldn't be scheduled head on against the opening games of the NFL season.

Maybe not that smart for opening weekend but, history of audience share has shown that CFL games- on Sunday- has been close to equaling the NFL and in some cases have bettered the NFL on a consistent basis.

My beef is because it is aired at the same time I am forced to choose when I want to watch both. When that happens I just pick what I feel is the better game to watch. ( For instance, this weekend I'm going to watch the Lions in the first half, then watch the Steelers in the second half. This weekend is almost perfect for me. I get to watch both of my teams in one day. :smiley: )

Whats to choose? CFL all the way! Why would I watch a 15-10 NFL game over a CFL game? Heck, I'd even watch Winnipeg Vs Hamilton over the NFL.

This man knows wat to do.

Just so you know.
The lease held between the Als and McGill University states that all games after labour day must be played on Sunday afternoon.

I assume McGill uses the stadium on Saturdays and Friday nights

Who Cares About The nfl? I And My Friends Sure DON'T! The CFL Rocks Baby!

Is the NawFuL staring today????? :lol:

I love how people join these forums just to complain about nonsense.

It's called making a decision.

I am CFL all the way but for those that might want to take both in, why not just record one of the games?

The key would be to get TSN to cut the scores out from the ticker across the bottom of the screen so that we aren't tipped off as to what the score is from another event.

However, we all know how much the TSN really cares about it's viewers, so, the chance of that happening is, well, you have a better chance of winning the lotto.

OP has a point.

Minnesota and New England both have early afternoon starts this Sunday. They're "border clubs" of those in:

Winnipeg vs. Montreal. (1 PM EST)

An alternative to recording is to check for a replay on TSN2 if you have it.

Ever heard of a VCR? Waaah

Like there is a decision to be made here??? Sportsmen is my hero. He nailed it! Don't get me talking about the NFL. I laugh when I read the tabloids saying there is "no comparison" between the CFL and the NFL. Know what? The guys who write that stuff are right on. But not in the way they mean. The CFL is THE BEST! Always was and always will be. I like to watch football, REAL football. Not hype, not Budweiser million dollar 30 second spots on TV. Those dumb, 4 downs, fair catch, stagger up off the ground hoping to kill the last 3 minutes on the clock rules and gamesmanship drive me nuts.

I tried watching the NFL. I really did. And then my therapist said to stop watching that garbage as he sat there in front of me wearing his Jason Clermont B.C. Lions jersey while taking copious notes of my ramblings.

When the Baltimore Stallion came on the scene several years ago I got a bad case of indigestion. Now THAT was a faux pas! CFL is the C.......F......L !!!

The Americans have their NFL. We who are Canadians have our CFL. And I love it. I.......AM........KA-NAY-DEE-UN!

A "choice" between NFL and CFL??? Not a chance. :cowboy:

You can always invest in a split screen tv and watch both at the same time.

Don't forget that exciting 6-3 Buffalo Cleveland game....1 QB = 2 completed passes.

How exciting! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Time to change the batteries on the pacemaker! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: