Why more players aren’t actually brought in after NFL camp cuts

I’m not comparing a PR spot in the CFL to the NFL. I’m talking about the difference between being on an NFL PR or being on a regular active CFL roster. That’s “ballpark” I’m talking about. Bouncing around multiple rosters and being unemployed for weeks if not longer is not as noticing for some. Again, for others that’s just fine. My point is that these instances will become less and less as the money gap between the 2 gets even wider. Plus the opportunity to actually step on the field in the spring time in a local league will make coming north even more unappealing.

I have no problem believing teams are taking loses, I don't believe they are getting handouts from other teams


excellent. i was looking for that particular article to post here. thank you :+1:t3:

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on a semi related note, i don’t believe Ambrosie should be commissioner after this year.

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this needs to be repeated just because a lot of CFL people tend to diss the XFL and USFL as some kind of joke. they are a very real threat to the health of the league.

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Ok, its new. When does it start?
And I would not call it a handout without more details

Call it whatever you want... handout, equalization, revenue sharing... its all the same thing... the ones with money give it to the ones without.

So better to let the teams without money fold? Then no-one has money

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And I don't think that is a "ballpark" either ... any money that the CFL teams can afford will IMO make little difference ... the CFL's selling point is the chance to play ... whether because the player loves the sport, hopes to have "game film" for NFL teams to scout and/or has few other options to make a living.


Where did I say that?

You don't seem to be in favour of them, therefore the alternative is....

You're basing your assumption on?

I suspect though that the league's ownership (or Board of Governors) see it quite differently - in that they love him as he tow's the company line.

I think I saw posted somewhere that his predecessor, Jeffery Orridge, was forced out because he tried to be bold and innovitive, creative to try to move the league forward - which the league's owners didn't like.

The Commissioner is just the owners' mouthpiece. They hire him, they fire him. He works for them and them alone

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I base them on the fact that you don't seem to be in favour of them.....

Have a nice day

You have no idea what I am or am not in favour of. But as usual, you seem to think you know everything, so you just keep on entertaining the rest of us.


ok here’s an example of CFL vs NFL valuation discrepancy.

let’s say the cats are at or near top of league (i think sask would argue but whatever) at about $50 million.

now let’s take the LA Rams (just because i love their new stadium and, like the tigercats and the donut box, they don’t own it)

from NFL Team Values 2022: Dallas Cowboys Are The First Franchise Worth $8 Billion - The Rams are ranked 3rd on the list, at $6.2 billion, behind the Cowboys and Patriots.

the rams at $6.2 billion are - checks notes and math approximately 124 x the $50 million value of the tigercats.

think about that - the highest valued NFL franchises are worth around 125 x (or more) the most valuable CFL team.

the cowboys valued at $8 billion are 160 x the value of the highest valued CFL team (according to most currently available data).

sorry but any argument about the CFL even thinking about equalizing pay or even trying to compete with NFL pay (whether practice or active roster) is not only ludicrous, it’s utterly nonsensical.


Was not that long ago the CFL paid more than the NFL and their top Draft picks were coming here

Happened before, it can happen again

And as a side note.
Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it

pretty much this. just because i don’t think he should be commissioner doesn’t mean the owners don’t like him.