Why Moncton NB is not CFL material

The whole idea of having a football team in Moncton is a bit of a joke because basically the only way it is viable is if people drive in from other cities. Well look around…where is the only big city anywhere near Moncton? Where is basically all the money and wealth in Atlantic Canada? Metro Halifax. So basically you are relying on Halifax to fill your seats. Moncton has about 120,000 people max…that’s taking like every freaken person who is remotely near the urban area. so 25k are needed per game. Are you telling me that at least one in every five people are going to go to these games?

Fact is even Halifax is too small to support pro football. Halifax and Moncton combined in one city would still be the smallest market in the CFL by far behind Sask.

I just don’t see it being viable. In fact, I think PQ City is the only possible expansion site and even that is very risky.

No offense to any Monctonian, but that city doesn’t have anything to match the charms of Halifax. Moncton looks like a darn boring place. Everything seems old in that city.

Though, I must salute the topless bar on Main street’s initiative to pit its performers in chocolate syrup fights. It’s a nice initiative to attract tourism, though not sure how well it does it…

I’ve never been to Moncton but New Brunswick is a pretty province from pictures I have seen and others who have been there. But I doubt it has the population base to have a team. I am thinking that Moncton has some sort of a battle with Halifax over who gets what funding in the east for this or that, a rivalry sort of thing. But Halifax seems the only logical place to have a team out east other than Quebec City which has the population base for sure but I don’t know about the political will there.

Not at all. Everybody there goes along fine.

Anyways, language shouldn’t be a reason to separate. Quebec brags about being oriented toward multiculturalism… We have so many communities in here: Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Ukrainian, Haitian, Brazilian, etc… It’s all good and fine in separatists’ eyes.

But when it comes to English. They wan’t to dissociate from these unworthy people.

Anybody sees the hypocrisy?

Right on

Gotta love aplace with topless bars and chocolate fights…what was the name of that bar again?..LOL

Man, you want everything to expand, don’t you?

lol… I thought I was replying right after Kanga’s post… But hey, some things do expand too in topless bars…

I don’t remember the bars’ name, Sporstmen, but it’s about a block away from that famous pizzeria… Vito’s Pizza or something?

Uhh hmm, let me read between the lines here…Are we talking football? …LOL

Familly website…

KK when BC seperates, I’ll make you a minister in my Cascadia government!..LOL

Moncton is pretty, but too small. I think all this CFL talk in Moncton is to generate some action in Halifax to get things rolling. A sort of boot ijn the arse if ye get me drift maties!

Ahar, ever been to the sea Billy?

Halifax does have a much larger population than Regina though, and I don’t see why we couldn’t pull it off if they can (since NS also has about the same pop. as Sask)

And dude, it’s spelled “province”.

Let’s see, Moncton has about 2/3 the population of what is by far the smallest city in the CFL. The province of New Brunswick has only one university team which is struggling big time (remember Mount Allison lost 105-0 to St. Mary’s a couple of years ago). The clincher has to be the bleacher complex stadium they hope to build which will only have 8-10 thousand permanent seats. If all of this isn’t a problem waiting to happen, then I don’t know what is.

Moncton has no university football team, meaning it has no history of football in it’s city. In contrast Halifax does, with the Saint Mary’s Huskies and Nova Scotia has 3 football teams (Acadia, Saint Francis Xavier) compared to 1 in New Brunswick.

Kanga, stop throwing yourself on the padded walls so violently, or the nurses will have to tie your pajama with long sleeves to that metal bed again…

In the words of Brian Griffin, “That…well that’s just terrible!”

Moncton is a terrible choice for a franchise. Why don’t we put teams in Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Sarnia, Windsor, Prince George, Red Deer, ah hell, why not Moose Jaw? They can have a highway rivalry with the Riders. Ok, so I’m taking this a little far, but my point is, putting a team in Moncton for the sake of having one in Atlantic Canada is ridiculous. Were supposed to beleive the Feds, the province of New Brunswick and private investors are going to shell out money in putting a 25 000 seat stadium in a city of 80 000 people? Preposterous. If they’re going to go the Atlantic route, it’s gotta be Halifax or bust.

Capricornia huh?

Did you get that one straight out of Battlestar Galactica :wink:

It was also a planet wiped out by the cylons


New Scotland? you mean Nova Scotia? LOL

Read the translation, “Nouvelle Ecosse” is french for “Nova Scotia”.

Good call though, especially if Australia secedes from the British Commonwealth it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change the name Queensland.