Why Millington????

I just do not understand this?

I was in shock when I heard the announcement too. For sure a short term soloution. I can only assume the Argos were unable to pry another non-import fullback from another team at the trade deadline.

Julian Radlein from Hamilton would be perfect...

This has come right out of the blue. I assumed Millington was done after he injured his achilles a couple of years ago. Probably will end up on the injured list after a couple of games. But if he can stay healthy he could be effective in spot duty.

keep dreaming. you had Davis then release him to sign Millington who hasn't played in what 2+ yrs.
And people say the Vats are messed up.

...well Sean will be out of a Job next year (no CBC football) so he is probably looking out for #1.

Who are these "Vats" you speak of? If the Argos are messed up, their record does not show it. The Davis releaseMillington signing has a lot to do with nationality.

pardon my typo. Look at a keyboard “v” & “c” are beside he each. You must be thick not to figure it out.

Nationality??? I am talking skill and age.

I'd take Mllington over Davis any time. When they were both in their prime and now that they're both past their prime.
They would have made a good combination in the same backfield ten years ago though. But if the Argos do sign Millington it will be for spot duty, blocking on first down running plays and some special teams coverage. Something that was always overlooked by Sean's running ability was his special teams play. That might be his most value now beside his blocking ability from the FB position.
Might be all acedemic as his Doctor has some concerns which means he may not pass a medical.

What I mean regarding nationality is most CFL teams (your 'Cats excluded), don't employ an import as a fullback. I guess with Edwards finding his stride, it must have been decided Davis wasn't going to see the field, although I think he is still good enough to play.

PS Sorry about the "Vats" comment..uncalled for.

Why is every minor signing so mulled over? Seems like we should be getting 50 000 every game when people talk about things like this. Argos are doing fine in the personelle department. Many of their signings are insurance policies or fill ins to replace injuries. Millington may never see the field, but he's there because they now have a RB and are weak on FB with Jeff Johnson's injury.

So much for the comeback!

"Fullback Sean Millington, who was attempting a comeback with the Argos has been released. - Toronto Sun"