Why Matt Dunigan has not been inducted in the Hall of Fame?

I believe he is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the CFL and he has been elegible for induction since 2000.

LET HIM IN! as was said of him on Canada Day, he is more Canadian than most other Canadains (ex NFL lovers).

What about the entire 1989 roughrider roster

IMO opinion - best Q.B. ever. My fave at least. Gutsy to a fault, smart, great scrambler and a true leader. I can't beleive he's not in there, maybe he's noot elegible yet. Shoould be a slam dunk!

Matt Dunnigan is a cheese ball, know-it-all, over confident, cocky, self-centered loser … and MOST of all, he was a glass quarterback … The guy went down more than a cheap hooker …

He’s not in the hall of fame, because if his head gets any bigger it’ll explode and jeopardize the rest of the TSN staff. You’d think he would have ate some crow after last years hilarious attempt at coaching (AKA dismantalling an already broken Stampeders organization) - but nope - still the better-than-thou Dunnigan … regardless of his accomplishments on the field … then man is an grade ‘A’ @shhole

he’ll make it into the hall of fame … who cares when.
IMO - of course …


Are you kidding me? Dunigan didn't suck as a QB.

Please - highlight where i said he sucked as a QB … I said he’s a garbage human being - i never even commented on his playing ability …


You did everything but assisinate the guy. You tell me. They're not going to induct somebody based on something superficial.

The only thing mentioned in Statik76's post referring to Dunigan's playing ability was the point made that he went down a lot - which he did. Other than that, nothing was mentioned as far as play quality goes. He did not dispute the fact that Dunigan may have had a good career. I do agree that he should be inducted as far as his abilities as a player goes, but I'm with Statik76 on this one - Dunigan would only have one more thing to beef himself up over if (when) he gets in. He definitely comes across as cocky and a know-it-all. A character assassination does not necessarily mean someone thinks he's a sucky QB.

Holy christ - Did you read my message at all?!? Learn to read you assclown.

MY ORIGINAL MESSAGE SAYS – "He’ll make it into the hall of fame … who cares when. IMO - of course … "

Where the hell did I say he’s NOT going to be inducted … Do me a favour and stop responding to my rants … Especially if you are not capable of reading or comprehending the message. Take a hint - I don’t like Dunnigan, and thats MY OPINION … but don’t put goddamn words in my mouth …


LOL. /

He has some GREY CUP rings.........when the ARGOS won 1991 , the GREY CUP played in WINNIPEG...........he threw 2 TD.......passes with a broken coller bone....in - 18 C. :shock:

He also has the record for most passing yards in a regular season game........with over 700+ yards...............passing!

HALL OF FAME......... LET HIM IN , please. :wink:

I believe it was over 750
I dont think that record will ever be broken

It’s 712 or 714. Either way, 700+ yards is amazing! If this is a petition to get Matt in, add my name to the list.

I was looking up records here and could not find all time records, only season records. Are they listed?

Here we go
713 Matt Dunigan Winnipeg 10/10/94
601 Danny Barrett BC Lions 8/12/93
586 Sam Etcheverry Montreal 10/16/54

thank you

I agree he should be in the hall.