Why Lumsden will run wild against the Eskies and we will win

Macciocca himself admits that the Eskimos are weak against the run, and that, what makes things worse, they only have two real DT's available to play against Hamilton because of ratio concerns:

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Eskimos/2008/07/23/6238606-sun.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Eskim ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Keep in mind, also, that Fred Perry, Edmonton's best rush end, is out with an injury.

Add to that the fact that Edmonton is coming off a short week in between games (remember how that affected us in Calgary?), the fact that we've owned Edmonton at Ivor Wynne, and the fact that, at 1-3, we really need this W, and I say Lumsden runs for 200+ yards, and we win big time.

If only Jesse could play defense too, then I'd be certain of a win.

Come on Defense!