Why let Ryan go to the NFL?

He is a great punter! and he is needed by this club! He is a superstar here, he willn't be in the NFL!

So let's try and keep him! 8)

Hello Captain Obvious ....

Which whould you chose, Superstar in the CFL with ok pay? or Oblivion in the NFL with Millions of dollars cuz the kicking in the CFL is more improtant than the NFL.

Troy Westwood is the worst kicker in the CFL and why won't he cut his long greasy hair? Dirt Bag

Has there been NFL rumors about him ? or is this just your opinion he can make millions in the NFL?

The press has been talking a lot about Ryan and the NFL for the last few weeks.

Historically, they have been right about these things - like Avery going back to the NFL once his Eskimo contract was up, and Ray heading South to give it a shot.

Ahh i see, i was just curious.

Westwood is far from the worst kicker in the CFL.

He is a dirtbag though ... :wink:

I don't know about millions but I'll Mid six figiures would be a safe bet. If he sticks in the NFL.....then who knows $$$$.

If Ryan goes to the NFL, it will be to play. There is no reason why he couldn't start for any team in the NFL right now.

I don't have much to say about this but Westwood is definetly a dirt bag!!

I SAY...... Westwood to the NFL.....they like dirt bags down there...... :lol:

Troy Westwood is the man. He is always one of the top kickers in the league. I

CJOB has already said on a number of occasions that the Minnesota Vikings are 100% interested in Ryan when his contract is up, yes Westwood is a dirtbag, but don't forget all he has done since his first day in a Blue Bomber Uniform, give the guy a break, he needs confidence.

Wouldnt be a superstar???? any punter with that kinda avg is gonna be mentioned alot and he would be an ellite punter in the nfl and yes he would make millions and be known by millions....hes amazing ....a punting stud

Punters don’t really make very much money. Kickers make more then them. They start at a small amount more than a CFL sallary and then gain value as they prove themselves. So really his best choice is with the Bombers.

Troy is entertaining. Sure he shoots his mouth off but he takes the shots back too...He's just havin' fun...

Daley has said in the media ...Troy better start playing up to his potential....or else.....what the 'else' is could be anybody's guess....could be a trade with Westwood in the package.....it would be kind of foolish if we haven't got Ryan signed to a long term contract....and can Jon handle all the other kicking duties?.......I hope it's just a wake up call for Westwood..... as insurance for the future I thinkTaman better get a solid contract done with Ryan ...this guy is definitely a keeper no matter what..... :arrow:

Thats why you need a player who can play and WANTS to play in the cfl(read Prefontain)