Why Leave the SkyDome?

A move to BMO would be bad for many of people who go to Argos games. It would result in way higher ticket prices and less fans able to attend games.

Less seats + renovation costs = higher cost per ticket.

Right now the Argos have a sweet deal at the SkyDome - rent free - plus have huge stadium capable of hosting everything from the Grey Cup to regular season games. Yet ticket prices still aren't cheap. A move to BMO would mean less fans can attend games and would mean those fans would be paying for the rent BMO Field would charge. Ticket prices would go way up, and many people who have been attending Argos games at relatively good prices will be stuck at home watching games on TV.

I noticed that you were a poster in the Red Patch Boys forum, so I am suspect of your motives on this forum. You haven't said anything insulting regarding the Argos or CFL yet, though, so I'll treat your concern as genuine for now.

Any move to BMO by the Argos would require more seats, between 5-10k. Since the Argos are averaging 31k, and TFC is facing such high demand, I bet they'd go for the 10k. That's a total of 30k and change, right around the Argos average. That means there'd be no scarcity of seats, and therefore no price hikes to to shortages. Renovation costs are another matter, we'll see how the city, Argos, and MLSE deal with funding.

Yes, the Argos have some kind of sweet deal at the dome right now, although I'm not sure of the particulars. However, even though the Argos get the highest per-game attendance in the city, the stadium still looks empty and sounds quiet, so the product suffers, both at the game and on TV. A more intimate venue would better represent the crowd and the noise, and make the product a better sell on TV and at the stadium.

The dome will still be there for Grey Cup games, just like Montreal is using Olympic stadium for their Grey Cup while playing their regular season games at Moslon stadium.

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