Why League should give up on Ottawa, but give Frank a Team

I have seen discusions on ArgoFans.com and other team fan bulletin boards talking about getting Ottawa a team again and Expansion.
How many times does a team have to fold before the league gives up on having a team in that city?
People just have to face the facts that Ottawa is not a sports town, even the Sens struggle to fill the seats.
I would rather see the league talk to the likes of Frank D'Angelo and give him a franchise in Halifax. You would have more season ticket sales for a CFL team down East than you would in a city like Ottawa.
(Even as an Argo fan, I applaud cities like Hamilton, who per capita have the strongest fan base for a CFL team in Ontario. Ottawa is probably a close second if you include the fans in the Ottawa valley and north to Pembroke. Toronto has other sports diversions, but by the shear size of the population can sustain a CFL team. With more Ottawa fans in the Valley, the team would do better to play in Pembroke than in Ottawa)
If you put a team in a city like Halifax, the fan base would be the entire East coast. Like Saskatchewan (who did not try to make their team represent one city but an entire Province) the team would need a name that reflects the entire East coast provinces and not a particular city. Hey what about the name "East Coasters".
I am surprised and baffled that the CFL did not organize pre season games down east again and raise the profile of the league in Eastern Canada.
IF the league is determined to bring a team back to Ottawa, they should make it a prerequisite that the bidder must purchase the name Ottawa Rough Riders, from the group who is sitting on the name looking for a paycheck. Like Montreal, the Concords would not fly, but they were given some sense of rebirth when they returned as the Alouttes.
I love this League, but they need to look at new markets and re think market placement.
The most untapped market for this league would be the east coast. They have no other pro sport francises. Yes, they have a smaller Population, but the folks from the outskirts would plan to go to games and buy the season tickets. Just look at NFL, regionally named teams like "new england patriots" who are based in one city, can attract fans from an intire region.
If you put an Ottawa Valley team in Pembroke or Arnprior, you would sell more tickets than you would to those silly servants in the city of Ottawa.

Ottawa's merit aside, there's no stadium in Halifax. I don't why this very simple fact constantly eludes so many people, but that's all there is to it. there's no place to play. There isn't. There's no stadium No. Stadium.

As far as the Rough Riders name goes, I believe that Palmer has already aranged, if not outright completed the transaction, to restore the Rough Riders name. I agree, in hindsight, that it would probably add a touch of credibility to the new team if they chose to do that. Back in 2001, I was in favour of a new name.

That's really not up to the League ... they can't force individual owners to do anything (especially something like naming a team a certain way). Not to mention I'm pretty sure Horn Chen (who owns "Rough Riders") is looking for an insane amount of cash for the name ... I'd still rather they stick with Renegades. Although a variation of "Rough Riders" isn't bad either ... I don't know if it's a good move to add a second "Rough( )Rider" team.

[quote="ybot"]How many times does a team have to fold before the league gives up on having a team in that city?
People just have to face the facts that Ottawa is not a sports town, even the Sens struggle to fill the seats.

Ya, support in Ottawa for the Sens is horrendous. They have only gotten an average of 104% capacity this season. A lousy 19,333 average. Just awful.


The Palmer Group has an exclusive deal with Horn Chen to get the Rough Rider name and record books should they win the franchise.

There is a fair amount of debate amongst Ottawa fans about if thats a good thing or not. As an Ottawa fan, I like the record books, but not the name. There's only 8 teams, we can come up with a name thats not already in use in the league.

As for Halifax... I believe the will to support the team is there. The money to build a stadium is not, and given the collapse of the Commonwealth Games bid (rightfully so, given the insane costs), I don't know where that money would come from.

If money does appear for a stadium, I expect a team would soon follow.

Halifax should go after the World Track championships, there might be funding for a stadium with this, I don't know.

FRANK wants to be a partner with Mr. HUNT from OTTAWA.That wouldn't be bad , but my first choice would be QUEBEC CITY.

...there's no stadium in Quebec City. I don't why this very simple fact constantly eludes so many people, but that's all there is to it. there's no place to play. There isn't. There's no stadium. No. Stadium.

You can say the same thing about Halifax and New Brunswick.A stadium is useless if the people don't go to it for games. :wink:

Ottawa has had how many chances?

In Quebec they are football crazy.

I said that very thing about Halifax earlier in this thread. It doesn't matter how crazy the place is if there's no place to play.

If Halifax and QC were legitimate options, I would totally understand people who feel that going there is a priority (I wouldn't agree, but I'd understand). But until they are, it sounds good for a fantasy league and that's about it.

As far as how many chances Ottawa has had, one less than Montreal. :wink:

Quebec city does have a stadium.
Its made out of wood and would need a major upgrade. And I mean a major upgrade.
But then again so did Molson Stadium befor Montreal started playing there.

[url=http://www.cisport.ca/e/photos/crowd-football-laval2001.jpg]http://www.cisport.ca/e/photos/crowd-fo ... al2001.jpg[/url]

one more pic of quebecs stadium.

[url=http://www.iero.org/sites/reva/quebec/ulaval/photo5138.jpg]http://www.iero.org/sites/reva/quebec/u ... to5138.jpg[/url]

BMO field in Toronto was built for $63M, $18M of which was private money put up by MLSE. The rest came from the government. Once the stadium was built, MLSE got the right to sell the naming rights of the stadium while the city of toronto got ownership. MLSE sold the naming rights for an estimated $27M to BMO, a profit, and Toronto got a brand new stadium fr $9.8M.

I bet you'd have more stadiums being built of government and private businesses would follow this formula.

And these cities should get their universities involved, i'm sure they'd contribute if they stood to get some returns, or break even.

That is a great point dmont.
Plus the governments will also get all their money back plus more from tax revenues.
I agree with you 100%

Have you heard of anyone both willing and able to provide that major upgrade?

Do you know if an upgrade is even possible? I have no idea what the outside of the place looks like, and it looks from your first picture that the 18,500 seating (according to Wikipedia) includes the endzones.

Do you know of an interested potential owner? If you're thinking D'Angelo, I don't believe that he's even once mentioned it as a possibility.

BB, and any one that dreams of a team in Quebec City, if adding a team there was a possibility right now, the league would be all over it. Any idiot can see that football is hot in Quebec and has been long enough that people can stop thinking of it as a trendy thing that might pass. But there are obviously too many obstacles at the moment for it to happen because the only people talking about it are fans on message boards.

I never said nothing about quebec getting a team. I am pro Milwaukee.
I only said that quebec has a stadium.

and this is their baseball park.

[url=http://www.digitalballparks.com/Eastern/Quebec_-_From_3rd_to_1st_Mid_250T.jpg]http://www.digitalballparks.com/Eastern ... d_250T.jpg[/url]