I’m not sure they will be much trade interest in Simpson now if other GMs read what was in FP today.

Just a note to show that other teams aren’t perfect. Titus Ryan is quoted in the Winnipeg Sun:

"It's a business so they did what they had to do," he said. "It was unexpected ... [b]I just saw (the deal announced) on TV so it kind of blew me away. [/b]I'm all right, though ... I try to make the most of every opportunity."

Not informing the players before a trade is announced is just plain wrong IMO.

...good one blue blood.......The article you're looking for was by Herb Zerkowski..(think that's how you spell it) of the Mont. Gazzette.. bout the Riders and Als. being interested in Simpson...He in turn picked it up off of a western affiliate.....I don't know how many teams would want the kind of player Simpson is turning out to be, around their dressing rooms..Kelly says there's not been much interest....Maybe that says it all....What a sorry ending... :roll:

I finally found the article. It looks like the article about the Als' interest in Simpson was written before the Santos trade. I had heard Simpson's name had been included in the deal at one point but was then dropped. I found it interesting that in one of the comments a person claimed they had spoken to Jim Popp at a game whether the Als were interested and Popp apparently said they were but as a back-up to Shea Emry. I can imagine what Simpson would have thought of that.

Given recent events I would be surprised if the Riders still have any interest in him.

I really can’t see my Als trading for Simpson. As I posted a while back, it would mess up our ratio (we use Emry, a NI, at MLB) and Emry has played well enough in his first year as a starter that there’s no burning need to make a change at the position.

What a shame Kasps, i feel sorry for ya. As it stands this circus atmosphere is the "TALK OF THE LEAGUE", so bringing/signing any free agents of value is going to be next to impossible with these clowns running our football team, good for Kelly if he finishes the year, good for Bauer as well, as it stands the Gate is already affected, next to no walk up sales for ANY of the remaining games just goes to show. The fans are not going to tolerate this Crap any longer and the attendance will prove it, especially if the BB'S LOSE to the Argo's, that will be the last straw, guaranteed. Why would anyone in there right mind pay to see this pathetic excuse of a football team? Buying a ticket is just paying for these clowns to keep, well, clowning around. Every Hot Dog or Beer purchased is going into the BB Circus Fund, why support this crap? Bottom Line!! We made it through the Reinbold Era with next to no gate revenue, and the Daley era, same thing. Boycotting the BB'S for the rest of this year isn't going to affect the Bombers as much as you think financially AND it will show proof that we fans WILL NOR SUPPORT this crap, so you go to the games, spend your money support the Bomber Circus, that is your choice, but don't feel to alone in the half empty stadium cheering along side you, rebuilding year, LOL, you sound like one of Kelly's Clowns making excuses!! In case you haven't looked around lately, we went from being in the Grey Cup in 2007, hosting a playoff game in 2008 (thanks to Taman) to Kelly and Bauer slaughtering any hope this club had for 2009. You do not see that Kelly didn't need to GUT the team, a team that could win a few games last year and make the playoffs, he only needed to "Tweak" the roster LIKE HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO, Kelly basically released, traded all and any hope for this team, because of his own ego. Now he is making these trades, trying to cover his stupid mistakes, and all he is doing is digging the hole deeper. I now know how Sask fans felt all those years and Kudos to there fans for being the BEST in the league, and i feel for Hamilton Fans for the past 6 years, now they can actually buy tickets and see a competetive team instead of staying home waiting for "The Change", cause that is what the BB fans will be doing, i guarantee it!! You talk as if staying away from games will bankrupt the team and will not provide any cash for quality FA'S, truth is Every player, coach and GM know that this is a big circus and will avoid coming here anyway's. Too bad our beloved BOMBERS have become the laughing stock of the league, it's a shame we will stay away from games just to voice our displeasure with Kelly and Bauer, but we need the BOD'S to see that we will not pay to watch this circus, bottom line. Even if attendance is steady for the rest of the year and Bauer and/or Kelly are still here, Season Ticket Sales and Corporate Revenue will TAKE A HUGE DOWNWARD SPIRAL IN 2010, maybe then the BOD'S will FINALLY realize that letting these clowns continue to slaughter our team, is resulting in POOR REVENUE, POOR GATE RECIEPTS, POOR SEASON TICKET SALES IN 2010, maybe the Axe will finally fall then. Until this crap get's straightened out, i know alot of fans and myself will no longer pay to watch this circus, over and out, see ya in 2011 (If We R Lucky)...... :frowning:

Why would the Als trade for Simpson anyway's, the guy has proven to be a locker room bum and he will be free to any team at the end of the year anyway's. As far as the Bomber's go, they should keep his stupid A$$ on the IR for the rest of the year and then release the BUM, this way there will be some cash left over from his Salary to possibly make a move or two before the end of the year and in the offseason. Just too bad that Bauer and Kelly will FIND A WAY to waste that money on useless talent :oops:

BTW isn't it a coincidence that Brayant wanted outta here as soon as his good buddy Armstrong was released, will we see Armstrong in CGY very soon, maybe the recieving core there would be awesome and Burris will have more targets, as we all know Burris has been having an off year again, he needs proven reciever's to compliment Rambo and Company, Armstrong may be just what the doctor ordered!!

Another topic i would like to bring up is Brown, man have i got alot of respect for Douggie, showing Simpson that his crap will not be allowed in the Bomber dressing room, maybe Simpson has been a distraction for the Bomber's the last few weeks, at least i pray!! My question is who is next to whine, complain? Now i do not beleieve ANY PLAYER will want a run in with Brown, and that should keep the locker room somewhat in tact, we pray again. Just hope Reid, Edwards, Jovon Johnson, Heffney, Shabazz, Brown and the rest of the player's who seem to be giving it there all regardless of all this controversy, just hope that Kelly Is not around after the season, if he is, these guys may look for greener pastures as well, what a shame that would be. :oops:

...Im sorry you feel the way you do....you're a good fan bluengold....I'm frustrated as hell myself....You do what you have to do to protest...I'm not going that route... This franchise WILL hurt from lack of customers at the gate...How much, is debatable..OUR club is bigger than Bauer and Kelly or any team member...and i'll support the bigger part of it...We have just brought in some new talent...they at least would like to see your support, along with the players who haven't quit this team...This year is almost a write-off...but i think we dig the hole bigger by not going to the games..A loss to T.O. would really sting...that would probably send a signal we're behind that awful team in gaining respectability...Maybe we can salvage a little out of this campaign to set-up a better 2010,,,,here's hoping.. :expressionless:signed ...'trying hard to keep the faith'

Know what Papa, you just made me have a change of heart, i survuved the Reinbold and Daley Era's, I can survive this one as well, i can and will still attend games for those reasons exactly. I will still voice my displeasure for Bauer and Kelly in the best way possible and cheer for the new guys and hope they make OUR TEAM better in 2010. I strongly feel that Santo's could be a great QB after watching some old film of him at New Hampshire and i will cheer this guy until or if he proves to be a bust. Screw Simpson, Bryant, Franklin and so on, if they wanna cry and whimper like big baby's, good riddence to them for good, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

It may take another 2 years to see our Blue and Gold competetive again, but with new blood and youth coming in for the afformentioned bums like Simpson, Brayant and so on, at least there is more hope with these kids then with the old farts mentioned above. Santo's, Odell Willis and Titus Ryan bring in new blood, youth and promise, as much as i cannot stand Kelly and Bauer, at least (even though they are covering up there own mistakes) at least they have aquired younger player's who CAN BE superstars in this league, let's hope these kids stay aboard, as well as the player's that have NOT given up on this team like Johnson, Shabazz, Lobedahn, Heffney and Good Ole Doug Brown. I support this team cause of Doug Brown alone, what a class act he truly is and i would not wanna see him on another team. To stick up for OUR ORGANIZATION the way he did against that bum Simpson, just shows that there are player's that still love us and will stick through this crap FOR US, that is reason enough to support the Team.

After all, i have been thinking, we are truly only a few good player's away, these trades could prove to be the right direction, maybe not this year, maybe not next, but alot of youth for the future. Also a REVAMPED and SIMPLIFIED offensive playbook next year and a REAL offensive CORDINATOR may just be the answer, hope all works out, cause this year has been very dissapointing and frustrating as hell. Just hope we can turn this club around FAST, so we do not have to endure what Hamilton went through, waiting 5-6 years, 2 or 3 i could possibly live with as long as i see improvement on and off the field each and every game, something we have not witnessed at all this year, i thought we were improving within the first 5-6 weeks, but the wins have been impossible to come by since, let's see what thse kids have, let's see new blood and better attitudes in the BB locker room, let us see hope for the future starting this weekend, maybe getting rid of locker room trash like Bryant, Simpson and so on will help OUR BOMBERS get better and get respect, also keep the player's already giving us 100% every game on this team!! :rockin:


The firs

t is confidence in the coaching. In an assessment that falls somewhere between shockingly blunt and really shockingly blunt, he says there's sometimes been a "disconnect" between the coaches and players over the last few years.

"In the past, when it went bad we looked at the coaches and said, 'Your systems aren't working,'" he admits.

That lack of confidence in the game plan destroys everything. In football, every play is scripted and requires each player to fulfil a certain task in order to work. If players start losing faith in the plan and believing it's taking them nowhere good, it's going to take a toll psychologically. That will eventually manifest itself on the field.

On the flip side, if the players think the coaches are putting them in position to win, they learn that if they just keep going hard and keep things close, they'll eventually be presented with the directions to the other team's soft spot.

Interesting comments on what goes on behind the scenes with a losing team. Kelly in the beginning took responsibility for not having the right game plan or the putting the players in position to succeed. After the last game he says his QBs are Russell Stover chocolates. Given Bishops comments on how MTL knew the plays being run as they came up to the line of scrimmage and Eric Wilson just laughing at that, how, as a player, especially with 3 big losses in a row, do u stay confident in the offensive coaches and Kelly's offence? Hard to believe that isn't going on in the Bbomber locker room to some level.