Why keep Morreale?

I haven't posted here before but I am a season ticket holder and often read the posts to see what people are saying.

With all the talent we have at receiver this year, how could Marshall possibly keep Morreale? Personally, I think the guy was washed up 3 years ago.

And one nice catch in a pre-season game is not a good reason.

Oskee-wee-wee everybody.

Yet another Mikey

ya some people are guanna rip ya for starting this thread. lol

Mike will earn his spot like everybody else who makes the team! He may not be a "Starter"now...BUT.... The guy is just too dependable to lose.

LET ALONE the fact that he is a LEADER!

Not to jump all over ya Mikey...but saying Morreale was washed up 3 years ago is a tad off.

Mike set a career high in receptions just 2 years ago...and I'm not sure Fleming is ready to haul in 58 balls for over 600 yards as Morreale did last year.

Gotta replace him to get rid of him...no?

and with all the new faces it might be a good idea to have a we bit more veteran leadership.... those intangibles pay off in games, sometimes more than just raw talent.

Morreale says that he's alot more calm this year and can see the ball really well.Why don't we wait and let the coaches make the decision.Who knows maybe that endzone circus catch is just the beginning of the new #18.

I don't think Mike will be going anywhere.That catch in the game on Friday was spectacular. He has been great in camp and is a great leader.

It was a spectacular catch, and if he can keep doing that once every few games, AND limit those fumbles on the easy catches (albeit over the middle) in our own red zone, i think we’d be fools to cut him.

(although one play does not a pre-season make…)

no offence to him, but yeh.. i agrree with the man who posted this topic.. he had one touchdown last season.. during he last game.. NOT GOOD ENOUGH we need people who will get TD's all year long...

Let me see him play with an O-Line that is good, a few "other" receivers that are "go-to" guys, in the order that MM is...before we start "cutting" for the sake of cutting...

Cutting MM for the "reason" that he is "old" would be like cutting Terry Vaughn for the same reason, and I haven't heard that run through the Board yet...but the Season is young...if TVaughn gets hurt, who ya going to back up the position with? Or MM and TV on the field together might give you "inside traffic" threats that would free up your wide recievers or RB's...just wildly speculating, of course!

The numbers at receiver suggest we will see a few surprises. Marshall is a loyal guy. My gut says Mike stays but it’s not guaranteed.

Coach Marshall has indicated live on a CH TV interview that MM’s experience at finding holes noit just running routes with speed but knowing where to go to get open etc is his asset and why MM will be there in 06.

With the expanded rosters ,we can keep backups and hopeffully give them some playing time.

He is a MAc guy. He will stay.

pickle_0007 wrote:

Why don't we wait and let the coaches make the decision
Excellent idea and really quite novel. :thup:

Now why would we want to do that when we can speculate and cut our players to ribbons BEFORE the cuts are made?? :roll:

For sure borehamgirl, well said.

Wow, now I know why I don't post in this forum, post a thought a get a response like, why don't we let the coaches make the decisions, that is a really thought out answer. Kind of seems the norm around here.

My point was that it seems we are deep at receiver, Morreale is a little gray and quite slow actually. We have 2 decent Canadian receivers and Flemming coming up.

I guess I will have to wait for the cuts, please cut um loose, let him drop balls for the Argos.

I see 2 starting American O-linemen beginning the season,
especially since Pascal Cheron still has mononucleosis.

So, the Cats may keep 2 Canadian receivers
as starters and Canadian 2 back-ups.

Brock Ralph, Kamau Peterson,
Mike Morreale, and Ian Fleming.

Wow, now I know why I don't post in this forum

Works for me.

I'm too sensitive to post too....but I do :cowboy: ,ahh what the hay eh?

Thank the Lord there is a game Friday at last!!!!!!!!!yeeee haaaaa!!!