Why Jake Maier Decided to Stay in Calgary

If you're a young quarterback looking for a mentor... John Hufnagel. ('nuf said)

Jake Maier's jaw must've hit the floor when he discovered that Huf was Tom Brady's first Pro QB coach in New England. "I get to learn from that guy and get PAID to do it?! YES PLEASE!!!"


If I was young QB looking to learn, I would would be thanking my lucky star I was with John H. The kid is gonna be star.

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Agreed. The 'next best thing' I guess would be landing in Winnipeg with an opportunity to play behind the best offensive line in the league with last year's MVP, Zack Collaros.

"Prukop, who holds a graduate degree in non-profit management from the University of Oregon and also played college ball at Montana State, has a connection with Collaros from their months together in Toronto in 2019. That relationship, plus all the rave reviews he’s heard about head coach Mike O’Shea and offensive coordinator Buck Pierce has him eager to get started in Winnipeg."