Why isnt Vernon Adams playing as quarterback

Vernon Adams is 3 and 0 as a starter in 2016 for Montreal. He beat Saskatchewan, Calgary, and YOU! I thought back then that his career was taking off. Then Saskatchewan got him(who he had beaten), they played him very little, then YOU got him(who he has beaten) and I haven't heard anything at all about him. Whats going on with him!!!!! He doesn't even get to play in the pre season. You pick up Manziel!!!! From his wiki:Manziel's work ethic and commitment were questioned by over 20 sources within the Cleveland Browns. An anonymous player even called Manziel's rookie season a "100 percent joke." I just simply do not understand this. :frowning:

Hey jp, We like Vernon Adams, but he is going to get traded, soon

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Sorry, just read about the trading of him after I wrote this. But question is still there, what is wrong with him?

My guess is that, given that we've got two decent QBs who Jones seems to like, Adams became expendable, and is worth more as trade bait than as a third string QB. But yeah, I'd say he could probably start or at least be a #2 QB somewhere. Just not here at this point.

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Vernon is trade bait they don’t want him to get hurt ! I guess , also he pulled his back in the weight room about a week ago, as for Johnny that Cleveland stuff is ancient history, that was then this is now ! Everyone deserves a second chance and he is working hard on and off the field , also his football pedigree stands alone !

Interesting. Someone should start a thread about that guy. Might spark a lively discussion for a page or two.