Why isn't the CFL in more Canadian cities?

Ok, the CFL is "Canada's league" and all of that, we've heard that lots of times. But I have a question: why on earth is the CFL not in large cities in Canada, relatively speaking, like Quebec City and Halifax? This makes no sense to me and quite frankly, I don't understand it. And please, don't tell me it's because those cities and others have no stadiums, the CFL IMO has never had a well thought out action plan for marketing the game in Canada outside of the traditional 8 or 9 cities where the teams are, outside of a few exhibition games. So what have they been doing for decades in the CFL offices to get our game in more centres nationally to make the CFL truly a more national sport here rather than regional?

Hi Earl

I recall when London Ontario was interested in a team. The league said no franchise without a stadium and the city said no stadium without a team.

Here in Winnipeg we have an outdated, uncomfortable and ugly facility. We have a team and can't get funding for a replacement. Outdoor - limited use buildings just aren't high on the agenda.

I agree with you that the reasons behind the lack of facilities in some cities are short-sighted. In smaller centres the fact of having a team can be a great source of pride and sense of community.

that's becase the other canada cities aren't big enough for the CFL yet. The CFL has its team in the major canadian cities except QC and Halifax (who don't have teams yet), and one province, while the NFL doesn't even have a team in the 2nd largest US city.

Economics probably determine the number of cities that can support teams. Someone said that the CFL has relatively more teams than the NFL. Although the United States have roughly ten times the population of Canada, the NFL has less than 80 teams. Perhaps, Canada already has too many teams?

Sorry Earl But its that Stadium thing first and probably population second.

thirdperson wrote:

Economics probably determine the number of cities that can support teams. Someone said that the CFL has relatively more teams than the NFL. Although the United States have roughly ten times the population of Canada, the NFL has less than 80 teams. Perhaps, Canada already has too many teams?
Hadn't thought of it that way third, excellent points. Yes, Sportsmen, the stadium thing is big but I do think that the CFL could award a city a franchise is say a 10,000 seater if they have concrete plans to expand it to 25,000 and make it first class. I guess I'm really pineing for a team out east, I really hope the CFL can get this, it would be a huge boost I think.


Oh, I forgot probably reason 1(a) is Owners with deep, deep, deep, pockets, that don't have a last name Glieberman.

True for sure.

Stadiums is an issue, and I believe the minimun should be 30,000.

That's alos likly the reason the Riders are in Regina as opposted to Saskatoon, and then you have more people in the srounding area in Regina than Toon. etc.

Actually I think you would find that there is slightly more people within a 2 hour drive of Toon than Regina.

The issue is a Stadium holding 25,000 or more. Population of at least 500,000 within 2 hour drive. Local owner with deep pockets.

Right now only Ottawa might meet these requirements. As has been mentioned on this site many times, the two other potential places of Quebec City and Halifax Moncton.

If Halifax gets the Commonwealth game, there will be a CFL team there! Could another team in Southern Ontario work? maybe, but still needs a stadium which is going to be at least $100 Million and most likely more.

The only other places in Canada that might remotely be able to support a team within the next 20 years would be Kelowna or Victoria and I would think the chances of either of these happening is less than 5%. The lack of a stadium, small population and lack of major corporate sponsor owners make these a very long shot.

The only reason Regina has a team is that they have had one for a very long time, thus the infrastructer for the team has been built over time. Same thing with their fan base.

A ten thousand seater would no do it. THink about it, few teams can operate on less than a $8 million budget. What would ticket prices have to be in a 10,000 seat stadium.

good point about the infastructer and economy growth. That is a huge factor in getting a team. Look at Green Bay, Population 102,000 people. Would there be any way in hell that Green Bay would have a franchise if it came in as an expansion team within the last 10 years, no way. Same as Regina, and other smaller market franchises. It would be awesome to have at least a team per province and expand the league. It just won't happen in this day in age.

its called money my friend.

I have lived in Saskatoon my entire life, and been a rider fan just as long. If an expansion team were to come to Saskatoon, I would defenately go to there games. But I don't think that I would be a true fan. I would go to the Saskatoon CFL games dressed in Green and White. I would imagine there would be a similr situation if you put a team in BC.

While Stadiums Is A Hugh Factor Another Important Issue Is Population, To My Knowledge Not A Single Current CFL City Started With A 20 000+ Stadium, They All Got The Team First Then Got A Stadium. But Your Point Earl Was Why Don't The Larger Cities Have Teams. Well Let's Look At Which Cities Have A Team And Which Don't.

Have A CFL Team:

  1. Toronto 5 202 300
  2. Montreal 3 607 200
  3. Vancouver 2 173 100
  4. Ottawa* 1 145 500
  5. Calgary 1 037 100
  6. Edmonton 1 001 600
  7. Hamilton 710 100
  8. Winnipeg 702 400
  9. Regina 198 600

*Ottawa Was Included Cause What The Hell, They Had A Team, And They'll Probibly Get Another One Soon.

Cities That Get Referenced Everytime We Have One Of These Expansion Topics:
7. Quebec City 710 800
10. London 459 600
13. Halifax 379 800
15. Victoria 332 200
23. Kalowna 147 739
29. Moncton 117 727

As You Can See The Only City That Even Fits In With The Other Cities In The CFL, Population Wise, Is Quebec City. Halifax, If They Were To Get A CFL Team Would Be The League Second Smallest City Half The Size Of The Next Smallest. Kalowna And Moncton Are So Small They Weren't Even On My List Of The 20 Largest Cities In Canada.

So the CFL has teams in most of the major cities in Canada, while the NFL doesn't have LA. The CFL was top dog as far as teams in cities go for a long time, and IMO, still is.

the reason teams are not all over canada is because you get owners thats not all that rich and that cant afford to help funding for a field or stadium bout time they do all that theyre broke then the cfl has to take over all over again...me if i ever get rich i'm not talking 10 20 million i'm talking200 300 million im gonna put a cfl team in detroit or windsor or london one of those cities will be my team site...

AH HA! he does want to expand to the US! but here my question, why? you have other Canadian markets dying for a team, why the US frist and Canada second?