Why Isn't Moncton Sold Out Yet?

This is worrisome .... considering that many of the tickets have been purchased by Ti-Cat and Stampeder fans. Last year it took 32 hours to sell out. Right now, tickets are still available. It puts East Coast CFL franchise aspirations in doubt, with tepid support at the 20,000 level for only the second regular season game ever. I think it will be difficult for the Maritimes to support at the 25,000 level 10 times per year.



Looks like there is a couple thousand seats left in the end zones. Could be a number of factors, the end zone seats are not very good and the locals know this after last years game. The stadium site lines are not very good. The price is fairly high for a regular season game. The novelty has worn off. Ticats/Calgary fans don't have deep pockets. Etc.

On the other hand, selling approximately 18,000 seats in 3 days is pretty good for a game that is 5 months away !!

If the Argos were playing in it again, it would have sold out just like last year.

Because Canadians from coast to coast love to watch the blue team lose.


Plus, all the locals are out on the river banks picking fiddleheads to sell to McCains right now :lol:

Yep nothing unites the country quite like that. :wink:

....what is worrisome is a league that chooses a team to go to Moncton, when they will have no home the following year....... :cowboy:

Especially after last year and from being there last year, I am truly surprised it is not yet sold out.

I think it's because the blue team was so disappointing to watch last year lol

isn’t it just the pre-sale? I didn’t think tickets where open to the public yet.

Tickets were available to the general public on the 11th, almost a week ago.

What's interesting is that they did better on the pre-sale this year than last year, but they're obviously lagging on the public sale compared to last year.

Maybe they now want their own team and I don't blame them. If there is no one stepping up out there to own a team then I can see little emotional attachment to buy tickets. That's the way I look at it.

Boycotting the league's showcase event is not a good way to attract investors, especially when they might have an opportunity to host one or more of our games when we are stadium-less.

most of the tickets for last years game were snapped up by fans of the argos and eskimos, NOT the locals.

even with the majority of this years tickets selling to ticat and stamps season ticket holders, the locals haven't scooped up the remaining tickets in a convincing fashion.

moncton cannot support a CFL team on a regular basis.

the games do well because existing CFL fans treat the TD atlantic as a mini-grey cup game and make it a road trip ( or buy tickets with hopes of selling them at a profit later ).
if you don't allow current season ticket holders to get first dibs on tickets and sold soley to the maritime provinces, you'd see the game take alot longer to sell out, and i think everyone would admit moncton will never happen on a full-time basis.

They've left the scraps for locals... It hasn't gone unnoticed. If your going to showcase your product to new potential customers don't make them feel like leftovers. It is a complicated situation because the Federal government funds the event with the idea of generating economic activity, and in the case of an event like this means tourism and the teams involved need to cater to their season ticket holders, the league tries to please the event sponsors. It is a tough situation. I am not sure what the solution is.

Well the CFL better watch this because they may be doing more damage to the brand in the long run out east, perhaps. And that is not good. Cohon, are you listening? :?

Albeit I may be off base with this, not sure. I think Cohon needs to come out publically and make some sort of statement about what is going on.

Could be many of the reasons mentioned above and maybe a few more...

The weather. It hasn't stopped raining in weeks. Not football ticket weather. :slight_smile:

The game is months away... How many sold games do you have in Hamilton yet?

Many folks are waiting to see who has tickets and who hasn't. Many companies have bought a handful to give away as promotions and to staff.

Economy is soft and their are lots of places to spend you money this year in Atlantic. Landing tickets to the Cavendish and Moncton Concerts are way bigger issues at this time.

Lastly, mostly all that's left are a few in the nose bleed sections of the endzone. Your not risking much waiting a few weeks.

There's no doubt in my mind that the Argo's are Moncton's favourite team. The CFL is finding that out now, but they should have known better. The Toronto name is the draw. People there are probably big Leaf and Blue Jay fans.
But Hamilton ? Not a draw for this generation. Maybe back in the days of Mosca, Barrow and Faloney, but not now. It is what it is.

Lots of Leafs and Habs fans.

Only singles left in the nose bleeds.

Nose bleeds in a 20,000 seat football stadium? hmmm.... :wink: