Why isn't Lawrence Gordon starting @ CB?

Did I miss something here?

Why put a rookie out against Montreal when we have an experienced veteran healthy and ready to go?

Please tell me he isn't being benched for dropping that pass from Setta in the Argo game 2 weeks ago.

Gordon has been consistantly brutalized by Kerry Watkins over the past few years...

Maybe a change might be in order.

Maybe because the guy who is replacing him is better?

What he said. Gordon get's torched pretty much every game as well, not just by Kerry Watkins. It's time to test some new blood.

I really like Gordon but I suspect it's because he's not physical enough. Our backs have been a lot more physical this year against the oppositon receivers. I also think that Gordon is pretty good on coverage but that Bo Smith is a more physical player. Reid and Bo Smith on the corners with Bradley and Thompson inside and Gordon backing up. I'm sure if Reid is struggling you'll see Gordon in at corner. :cowboy:

gordon has definately improved, and is worth keeping on the roster, but his tackling most of all has been suspect. Reid filled in for Tisdale last week, and did well enough that we didn't see his # on the highlight reel.

I Assume bradley was moved to the D-Half because it involves much more run-stopping ability than at the corner, and bradley is a physical, hard hiting d-back.

There are always in-game adjustments too, if they want to get Reid off the island, they can switch him and bradley once again.

27 & 31 will be good to keep your eye on tonight

8) I've seen Gordon lay some real good hits out, during his time here.
 However he is not a real big guy.  Despite what his stats list him at 5'11", 175, in reality, he is more
 like 5'9" and 170 at the most !!