why isnt joffrey used more?

joffrey reynolds is clearly in a class of his own while running the ball. what i wonder is if burris and the receivers have been having all this trouble lately, why dont they use reynolds more to take some of the pressure off the faltering passing game, whioch will hopefully pick up sooner rather than later. any thoughts?

Problem of a strong willed O co-ordinator. Joffrey was killing the Riders last Saturday. We were surprized, and pleased when they stopped going to Reynolds. The Riders D has shown they can't stop him; the OC stopped him! Ouch for the stamps! Maybe he has done something and was benched for it?

Well if he did something wrong then they have a funny way of showing it! They signed him to a long term contract today.

Then why was Joffrey not used? The Stamps were only down by 10 points; with his ability, he alone could have driven down the field in a 3-4 minute drive. Maybe someone needs to pick Buratto's brain to find out the reason.

.....normally when a team is down int he fourth there is a tendancy to try to eat up big yards to score in order to make up the difference, hence the shelving of the running game in lieu for the air game....but I agree with you dariderfan in this case, the game was close enough and JR was our best weapon of the evening, we should have stuck to the same game plan we had in the first two quarters....

Why is Kenton Keith not used?

KK isn't used because our offensive line has not been able to open enough holes for KK to get decent yards. He is third on the team, in rushing, behind Joseph and Dorsey! Plus, when your offense only scores 7 points, how can you expect them to do anything but pass?

It was nice to see Joffrey properly utilized in the return match. I love seeing him get a few receptions as well. It's something that (right now at least) the other team doesn't see coming because he's not known for it, and by giving him a little extra room to manouver he can make some awesome gains.

I'd like to see him get more receptions. He's nearly never covered when he bounced out to the flats.

Seems like Buratto is still learning how to use all his weapons.

The problem is is screens and swing passes are too simple for Burrato. He likes things extremely complicated and tricky.. but the KISS principal stands true. Run it up the gut, take what the defence gives you.. any gain is better than a turnover. When the Stamps play that way they win. When they get overly fancy and start running endarounds and playaction long bombs on first down.. they lose.

I agree Joffery has to be used more on the running and the reciving Burris needs to use more options.