why isnt brandon bridge employed ?

i know many are tired of my support of him but i really do want to know why he doesnt have a qb hob in cfl ?

i have asked 3downation to investigate/write an article to no avail

popp cut him oce as gm of als [reason allegedly was bridge wouldnt take a pay cut]
then cut him again as an argo [i gotta think that bridge is as good as macbeth - better arm, more mobile , big body 6’5" 235lb and cdn]
cut by mtl again - i guess he was there only as insurance
but no job as qb - yet he was a starter in 2018
i have contacted his twitter page w/ no reply
i’ve seen him play and he’s pretty good
does he have mental problems ?
can any1 explain or guess ? why is there so much silence

i've seen him play and he's pretty good
You just might be wrong on this one.

maybe - i allow for that
but did u see macbeth play this week ? … lol

Ivan, your man crush bromance with Bridge is embarrassing!

mancrush or great question ?

BB was given plenty of time and coaching in Saskatchewan and simply didn’t progress.
He knew the system well and yet could not be consistant.
Yes he’s Canadian however still has to be consistant/productive IMO

man crush … obsession … whatever … people whose paycheques depend on how their teams do on the field have determined that other players give them a better chance … nobody has even chosen to sign him to their PR as depth … think you are in a minority of yourself, BB, BB’s agent, BB’s immediate family/friends and some random fans who see it as an issue.

Cause he’s not good enough to play in the league. NEXT

Good arm strength, no accuracy. He gets his receivers killed, and can’t throw a five yard out.

i suggest u watch this video
i realize this is not the scientific method but sure shows him throw 5 yd out on 2pt covert if memory serves
then throws a deep ball right into receiver’s hands for a catch/run for td

Not a BB booster but ;

A little bit has to do with the out spoken talk on the ratio .

The numbers I posted doesn’t show a guy who should be out of time yet .

Qb’s have done worse but still seem to get snaps .

(1) no hardly scientific to even proper scouting

(2) it was an exhibition game against the Als “B” team … ALL the Argos QBs looked good

(3) shocking that Argos posted a positive video

Did you see MBT play the last month? Bridge would have struggled Friday night under that Calgary pass rush, I don’t care how mobile he is. Why don’t you pick on the Ottawa qbs instead of MBT?

Lancaster once said if you employ a Canadian QB you’re gonna hear it hear from fans, media, etc. Wanting him to play.

He has to be that much better than the equivalent US QB and most of the time he isn’t.

plus a majority of coaches and gm’s are american

and over last 2 yr argos are to date 6-24
macbeth started a majority of those games

he’s gotten worse…not better. At 27 years old and 5 years in…you need to be the distinct #2 QB. He is “challenging” for 3rd spot. That is not good enough…passport doesn’t matter. 3rd spot is a development spot and disappearing…not for someone who should be waiting in the wings to start games. Only time he looked ‘reasonable’ was with Jackson and more importantly Glenn mentoring him. It is a pro league…you only get so much time to win the job. Had he been American, he would have been done 3-4 years ago.

from what i saw of him he was better than macbeth who seems to have a rea love relationship w/ popp

perhaps the bridge era has closed … if so, that’s sad, very sad

He is not a good QB. That is all

i heartily disagree - macbeth stinks -not mobile, no arm, throws to covered receivers
he would make a much better #2 than macbeth , argos now 6-24 last 2 years