Why is watching the CFL so hard?

How....... I just have a Roku tv, crave and amazon subscription service, and a phone. My house burned down so this is it. Is there no way to get the CFL on a Roku tv. all the sites just give you a run-around.

Damn that's rough, I'm sorry to hear that. There's gotta be a streaming service somewhere. Thumb through some of the Americans posts they seem to have the streaming knowledge

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if I was in the us it would be easy but there is no way to watch a CFL game in Canada on a tv streaming service it the stupidest craziest
thing I have ever seen

I'm able to stream through my Rogers Ignite TV Cable Subscription.

but I'm sure you can find some reddit based CFL streams.

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No, I mean maybe a less than reputable way......I'm not suggesting pirating at all...

Sign up for the TSN online thing? Nice and legal but I dunno what it costs

not on a Roku
smart tv there is just no way

Don't you have the internet available on the Roku?
If you have Amazon you should be able to access the AmazonSilk browser.
If you have a TSN subscription you log on to TSN through there.
If you don't have a TSN cable/satellite then sign up for TSNGO
If you can't get the internet on the Roku then you need to get a Firestick - they cost around $20 for a basic one.
I can access the Amazon Silk Browser through my Firestick

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Answers!! Hell yeah

I have a Roku smart tv and have found the ESPN streaming channel does carry all CFL games they air, but I think you have to have service provider with ESPN in the plan like YouTube TV, or the Disney+ bundle, and someone mentioned Hulu on another thread. I think if you have one of those services you can add ESPN streaming channel and then pay for ESPN+ if you want every game.

ok thanks for the help

tsn should just get on a streaming service

They do it's called TSN Direct



Every single CFL game choose which works better price wise for you

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I was a bit surprised by this thread. Hasn't TSN direct streaming been around a few years now? Myself, I just log into Shaw if I want to see a game on my phone when we're not home. (loved the Argo/Stamps game) :laughing:

you can not get tsn on a streaming service for a smart Roku tv. You can get ESPN on disney+ if you want to spend a 200 a year 100 for disney+ and 100 for ESPN. So I finally had to get a 6-month separate subscription, on my computer then an HDMI cable, and do it that way. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO DO IT. I could watch it if I lived in the USA but not in Canada it is soooooo stupid

You get what you pay for, younger people want not to contribute to the cost of the sport. Not saying anyone in particular, it my younger children (35-40) won't pat for anything, then they can't watch anything.

cutting the cord is so liberating...until it isn't.

My children again (adult) refuse to to pay for anything, then complain they can't get anything. My answer is oh well

My adult young children have a 60" tv, then watch everything on their phone, 2" x 4"phone