Why is there no CFL video game?

Link please as to where this is true. As well the Tech doesn't matter so much because YOU HAVE TO REVAMP THE WHOLE AI. I've said this before and I'll say it again, you can't take the madden tech change the rules to 3 down CFL football and expect it to play like the cfl. It would be like playing madden but with 3 downs. You have to add another player on the field and change the dimensions of said feel and change how EVERY PLAYER REACTS IN SAID SITUATIONS HAVHING MORE FIELD TO WORK WITH. You could use the graphics engine and maybe some of the front end stuff but not much else.

There is NOT ENOUGH OF A PROFIT MARGINE FOR A COMPANY TO MAKE A CFL VIDEO GAME. That is the simplist reason it won't happen unless someone with tons of money goes i really want to make a CFL video game. Assume takes 100,000 to break even you're going to have a studio work on a game for a year and hope for it to break even? Maybe if the CFL had a national tv contract in the states maybe. Look at the AFL it had a video game for a few years and it didn't sell well enough and they stoped making it. Now before you all go AFL sucks blah blah blah think about this for a second. AFL game has a bigger market then a CFL game does.

Throwing CFL in a ground up football game built as something else wouldn't happen either because there isn't enough teams. Tecmo bowl or blitz wouldn't touch it because they still have to create a bunch more teams to fill out the selection. Lets be realistic here 8 teams is not a lot and unless the game had an indepth team creater and player creater so you could add teams to help fill out the team selection to help sell it down in the states, but then what is your hook? Is it an arcade style football game or a pure simulation? If you want an arcade style football game you can go play blitz as it can easly fill that void. If you want a a straight out simulation madden is probably going to be as close as you can get.

im not sure its such a stretch for someone to create a ground up f/b game... it was a local guy that made a curing game that sold fairly well about 4 years ago. gamer magazines rated it fairly high. if the game got marketed with the cfl on tsn, with comercials every game, it could be a moderate sucess. most likely, there would not be a game every year... but one step at a time.

True, and I mentioned the curling game on the last page, but the AI is light years different between that and an football game.

i would be willing to bet that even some poeple on cfl forums have the ability to make a video game like that. i really think it comes down to maketing and production.

It would have to be a sponsorship deal. Between the CFL, TSN, and a software/gaming company. If they could agree on a marketing / advertising / development deal, it could be beneficial to all parties.

The CFL could expand it's market, targeted towards the younger, gaming audience. TSN could expand it's market with the larger, younger CFL audience. The gaming company could get it's name out.

It means the CFL would need to basically licence the product for free instead of expecting any royalties or licencing fees. Possibly to the extent of committing some of it's marketing budget to development and advertising.
TSN would have to provide the advertising and marketing for the product, for next to nothing. Taking the game on the road, or having a release party with the TSN panel playing against each other would be great. It sure doesn't seem like advertising on CFL broadcasts is at a premium anyways. Free game giveaways during broadcasts could be used to boost ratings.
The software company would be getting free licencing and marketing. They would be expected to provide a deeply discounted product in return, in the interests of getting their company name out.

pred-dx has a point, that the current system would not work. No software company would buy licencing from the league, and invest it's own money into advertising and production in an attempt at sales to such a limited market. Any video game would have to be done as a partnership with several parties, and basically be a CFL league initiative.

Thank you for geting it Zbest.

As for the curling game it still has a bigger market then just in Canada at this point in time. Other places in Europe play curling and are quite good at it. Could easily market a curling game over there and have people buy it. The problem is CFL does not have a wide appeal to people outside of Canada.

on a side note as well, video games arnt just played by kids anymore. whole families play video games now. and you wouldnt beleive the crappy video games they sell now a days. i think instead of just yelling how "it can never be done" its more productive to think outside the american import box a little.

i dont know if it was a hoax or not, but i think it was 13thmanin.com released an article that a cfl game was comming for ps3 and 360... this was about a year ago though.

That was in regards to CFL rosters, logos, and uniforms created by a fan from Montreal for his PS3. He posts on here and I'll see if I can dig up his email so you can can get his download. You just download the rosters and put them on a zip drive and then into ur PS3 through the USB port. Simple, amazing fun, but not 100% satisfactory for those of us with hope for a Madden quality full version. I'll get on that.

i read a comishioners blong on here.... and he didnt seem to have much interest in it from what i could tell.

WTF people! For the last time, A CFL VIDEO GAME ALREADY EXISTS. RTFF.

what systwm is it for.

I'm pretty sure it's PC. Technically not CFL, just a football game that will let you select whatever rules you want.

I was going by someone else’s post who said it would take 1 million dollars to make the game.

1 game brand new is 59.99 for a sports game.

1 million times 60 is 60 million dollars.

If it SOLD HALF OF THAT IT WOULD BE 30 MILLION DOLLARS, meaning if the game sold 500,000 copies at 59.99 with production costs of 15 million dollars it would MAKE A PROFIT OF 15 MILLION DOLLARS.

If it sold 250,000 it would make 15 million dollars which would just cover the cost of the game.

Lets look at how much games sell in Canada


Wow gee, how could a CFL game ever bring in 60 million of 2,000 million. Seems possible to me, to even try it, has a good chance of making a million dollars in profits. Would translate down to the little kids playing meaning more merchandise and ticket sales for kids who want to go to the game after playing it, just like what happened with Madden and is the fine line to kids between the big leagues and something they consider isn’t a big league because they don’t know how different the leagues are.

Hell, with roster updates and patches, the CFL wouldn’t necessarily have to release a new game every year, just make people pay for an online update for consoles like 360, PS3, and Computer.

Over 1.9 Million consoles were sold in 2008, just imagine how many consoles are out there, lets just say they sold 1 million a year since 2005. That means there’s about 4.9 million consoles in Canada. You honestly tell me that they can’t sell even 300,000 copies of a CFL game?

Super Mario Galaxy was able to sell 94,000 copies in 1 month.78,000 Copies of Call of Duty 4 in one month.

If the CFL could even crack 25,000 copies a month for the season it would be a huge success. Be very huge for the CFL as well.

First of all, we'll start at the top. Most retail markups are around 50%, so if the retail price is $60, the wholesale price, which would be the money that went to the company actually producing the game would be about $20. Already you've lost 60% of your "profits" to distributors and retailers ( welcome to economics 101 ). Factor in manufacturing and packaging costs, and operating overhead, you're not really seeing any big profits ( otherwise, there would be competiton out there, and everybody would be selling CFL video games ).

A CFL game would never get anywhere near the advertising or exposure of a Super Mario or Call of Duty. They'd be lucky to get mentioned on CFL broadcasts. If it got a decent advertising push during a full season of TSN broadcasts, I'd say they might get 100,000 copies, max.

So take the realistic numbers, and you get the software company with a very optimistic $2 Million. Now you have to consider that they have to pay programmers, artists, musicians, animators, etc. CFL want's it's licensing fee, and royalties from the sale. And then we have to invest in some advertising. Seems like there's a lot of hands in the cookie jar now.

You also have to pay for all of the development, testing, licensing, advertising, etc. before you ever actually see any sales. Add to that, that you only ever get the $60 price for 3 or 4 months, before the price drops down to $40, and then $20. Once people complete the "career mode" and all the unlockables, they run out of interest and then trade it in or sell it used ( the other part of the video game market that you didn't include in your thinking ).

If you had any idea what the business world looked like, you'd realize that if it was as easy as you think to make millions, somebody would have done it already.

Trading in a game doesn't take money out of the CFL's pockets or any other gaming companies pockets. So you obviously don't know anything by making that comment, only the gaming store loses money by buying the game back. Or for example electronic's boutique buys a game from you for 50% of the Used price. As of January, nearly a year after the game came out, Lost Odyssey was 59.99 new, and 54.99 used. Yes sports games are different, I think NHL 09 and 2K9 are going for 49.99 now at the 72 game mark of the regular season.

As for wholesale I know stuff goes cheaper, but 20 bucks for the game is just nonsense, retailers only get about 35% of the price.

So lets work this out again, besides all the money that retailers would make

A 59.99 CFL game is all dependent on who takes what in the deal. Usually its about 60-65% of the price tag. Thats 38.99 going into the game companies pockets per title. If the game sells 500,000 at that price it would make 19.45 million or so meaning a 4.45 million dollar profit if the game was made for 15 million dollars covering all costs.

Why wouldn't a game sell that everybody wants? If Madden NFL sales are 2 million in the month of December 2006 in the US alone. Then a country one tenth the size (Canada) of the United States, with a higher ratio of Video game users across the country (just like when the internet first went big how 50% of Canadians had internet to about 20-30% of Americans), which by the numbers of 2 Billion in sales is a higher ratio than Americans. IN this case i will list this below to kind of seperate all this:

With 1/10th the population and higher than 1/10th ratio of video gamers to American gamers, then a CFL game should sell at the very least 200,000 copies in 1 month, but with a higher ratio i'd say 250,000.

Another thing to consider is, big CFL markets, espescially Saskatchewan, buying the game. I guarantee almost anybody with an XBOX 360 in Saskatchewan would buy CFL Football for 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PC, maybe PSP.

I think by the end of the 3rd month of the season in August you would see about 600,000-750,000 which is all profits. By the end of the season I think you would see a million sales. And I don't think the game would go un-noticed at all, it would be HUGE, absolutely HUGE people have been talking about it forever and it would spread on word of mouth alone after a few commercials.

I'm estimating, and projecting, but no different than any major public company does using the same statistics they would use looking at sales, population, and numbers of comparison.

Grand Theft Auto IV did 270,000 in Canada in its 1st month, I don't see why a good CFL game wouldn't be snatched up all the same.

25,000 copies ( your number ) X 6 months ( June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov ) = 150,000 copies
150,000 * $60 * 65% = $5.85 Million
If the game costs $15 Million to make ( your number ), we just lost $9.15 Million.

Buy the game wholesale from the gaming company $38.99 --- Buy the game used from the kid who's had it for a month and doesn't want it anymore $15 ( $25 store credit, because you're getting your 35% cut on anything they buy ). Same $21 markup, same profit for EB, nothing for the gaming company ( AKA one less $38.99 cheque going to the developer ).

I really don't want to have to be nice Van but I'll go slow just so you can follow along.

Lets say the game sells what you say it will 150,000 over six platforms. You do realize you can't just port the game from platform to platform right? You actually have to take time and spend money to make sure the game works on ps3 as well as xbox 360. They are different systems and you have to use different code for them. Some parts you can use the same code but not all of it. Any programer can tell you, if you change one line of code it can have unforseen consiquences on a bunch of other lines of code as well. So 6 platforms you can't feesably do that so what platforms do you use? Keep in mind that pricing is not the same for all platforms. DS and PSP games are a lot cheaper then PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC games new are usually about 10 dollars cheaper then their system counter parts. Honest answer is ps2 but again with no CFL video game coming before it you have to build the engine from the ground up unless EA is willing to part with its old Madden engine. *But again you can only take the Graphics for it and have to redo the AI like I've said countless times. All this work for what maybe a game to make a little money?

You people that think a CFL video game will bring more fans to the sport are just dreaming. Honestly it would be a waste of money for the CFL to even through money at such an idea. How many of you are gamers here and I mean real gamers that grew up playing the games? First thing you'd know little johnny doesn't ask for a CFL video game because he's curious about it he watches it on TV to see what its like. Or gets curious when the players visit his school or the players have a mini camp near their elementry school. It doesn't bring ANYBODY NEW TO THE TABLE. THE PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO SHELL OUT 59.99 ARE GOING TO BE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE ALREADY FANS. Nevermind the fact that 59.99 for an 8 team league where is all the content? Sorry count me out.

Again your numbers don't justify it, I have stated many times for a game to break even it has to sell at least 100,000 copies to break even. If you're aiming to make a modest profit 150,000 doesn't seem bad now does it? Then you realize that you have no way to grow it because your market is so small for the people you're aiming for. You can't aim it outside of canada as the sale won't justify it.

*Reason the PS2 is the only system that works as it is the system most almost everyone has, while PS3, and Xbox360 are still fairly expensive and most people only have one or the other. Although aiming for PS2 where you could probably sell the most copies means a downgrade in graphics and a down grade in price. Who's going to pay 59.99 for a new PS2 game? Answer people who really want a game from Japan and not much else and are willing to bite the bullet to have games translated over to english.

For those that didn't know this is for you Van Madden use to have real stiff compition from Sega and its 2k sports line-up for football. A 2k fanboy will tell you that the reason they stopped being made was because EA aquired the exclusive liceness but that game had started to hemorage money. Sega couldn't keep up with the rising costs of upgrading the graphics and content every year and decided that they were going to cut the price to 20 dollars one year and slightly twink the game and upgrade rosters. Since the game is no longer around you can guess how that worked out.

If you really want a CFL video game bug someone who knows flash or can make a web browser game. Thats the only way its going to happen. Even then I doubt it because I doubt the guy who makes it for free could afford to liceness the likeness of the players and their pictures and the teams colours and logos. But hey you keep making up facts and spouting stuff off like it all makes sense. That every platform is the same and it wouldn't cost money to port it over from system to system. Nevermind that you can't even use the same control set up for PS3 and Wii or PSP and DS.

When I was a kid we had an Apple 2c, and it had text games. Just like video games, but no video - just words. They should make a CFL game like that.....

"Second and two [pass - 1/ run - 2]

Pass....LeFors drops back....pressure comes from right [step up: y/n]....throw ball [armstrong - 1/ Franklin - 2/ Reid - 3]....ball thrown.

Ball off fingertips....Incomplete pass.

Third and two....[punt - 1/ gamble - 2]."

A genyoowine hit, I tell ya!

When I was a kid we had this thing called dungeons and dragons and you had to use your mind to make up the world you were in and roll dice for random things. Although I think an apple 2 was before my time :wink: