Why is there no CFL video game?

I think its time to get a video game together. They could sell them at the stadium and through the team stores as well as normal retail outlets. I know there's not a huge marketability for it but if Arena football could have one made up I'm sure our league could get EA to do something for them. Move into the new century CFL.

Please everyone, let's not respond to this thread. There are a million other posts about video games. If you would like to discuss it, please find the other threads.

Simple, the US is a huge market for video games, Canada is hardly anything. As the graphics, interactive environments and physics engines are becoming more and more advance, it is costing more and more money to make a game. There is no way IMO regardless how loud we complain that a CFL game will ever make a penny.

M'k buddy. First of all no offense but, you are NOT an economist or a CEO of merchandising at Wal-Mart nor the same at Gamestop/EB Games. We appreciate your prediction for what it is but let the record stand, your opinion does not make it a fact.

It isn't as simple as you might think or like to convey to others. If it were maybe the game would be out already and I could be talking about how I kicked the Bombers tail-ends, using the Riders back-ups, in the Grey Cup game. Despite your surety and lack of hope, I contend that there IS a market for a CFL video game south of the border. The 'buzz effect' leading to fanship through past deals with the NFL, the fact that the NCAA has tons of 'fan friendly' graduates playing today in the CFL whom fans follow, and the fact that those players have friends and families totalling in the millions of people supports my contention.

Canadians and Americans, on the whole, are sports nuts, TV nuts, and video game nuts. The CFL is a sport on TV in both regions. Now ask yourself, what is the newest of these three types of media? Video games. For these and many other reasons (I wouldn't mind expanding on if asked) based in my years of research and networking regarding this topic, I think a CFL game would sell in far greater numbers than the average person, with no concept of the marketplace, would be able to concieve.

The bottom lines could certainly be met. Now with that said, and the fact that video games are as much a part of marketing a brand as commercials used to be, the CFL and its BOG need to work harder to bring this fantastic opportunity to HD sets all over the world through the variety of consoles.

Thats where the buck stops people. The timing might not be right at the moment with the econimic crisis but please be positive and proactive by petitioning your clubs and this league at every opportunity. Don't give up. And if you are a quitter, rest assured that I and many others like me are not.

My wife bought a curling game for our daughter's DS. If there's a more obscure sport to the general American consumer, I can't think of it. Yet it exists.


M'k buddy, do you know how much it costs to make a modern, competitive video game for any console or PC? And, no kidding that was an opinion, but it is a well educated opinion. And when you say "no offence" you may as well come out and toss in an insult instead of beating around the bush.

Do you really believe with all of the NFL and NCAA games available they would actually care about a game set in a different country with players and teams they know nothing about? Go down to Tennessee and ask them if they know what city the Bombers play in. Then ask them if they want to pay upwards of $60 for a game to play teams they don't know.

Don't forget, the gaming world is afraid of major changes. Look at the popular Halo and Guitar Hero series, hardly any change and yet they still get bought by the millions. Why? Because they are familiar and people know them. Don't forget that these games also are sold in even bigger gaming markets such as Japan, Europe and South Korea. They sure wouldn't give a damn about a CFL game.

Canada is hardly a blip on the global gaming market. While I'm sure thousands of CFL fans would buy the game in no time here in Canada, what about outside our borders? Don't forget, more people watch bowling in the US than hockey. And the NHL is faaaar more popular than the CFL.

I'm not a quitter, nor a pecimist. I look at reality and am not about to bet the farm on a CFL game ever coming out. I'd be the first to buy one but I think you'd be fooling yourself if you honnestly thought that Ubisoft, CAPCOM, EA or Konami would give a damn about a few hundred Canadians. There is a possibility of reskinning a NFL game but why would they want to when they could put in the same effort ot make an expanssion pack and market that to a far larger market?

BTW development costs for XBOX360 and PS3 range from $15-20 million, Wii from $5-8 million. Do the math at $60 a copy how many you'd need to sell to break even. Then ask if a developer would want to make a game that MAY pull in a few some marginal profit when they could go after something with more potential. Like the 39th Mario game... :?

That was a good suggestion, too bad nobody listened. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Now watch,another expansion thread will raise its ugly head! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Well, if you like, I can regale you with tales of Rider season ticket sales.....

Actually, can you remind me who the best CFL fans in the country are? That should get this topic locked fast! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now if only the league would sponsor the video game, and offer a complimentry copy with each season ticket .....

I thought there already was a CFL video game.... I'm sure my son had one....Chris Walby waddling through a maze eating Hamburgers..... Oh wait never mind, that wasn't the CFL and Walby, that was Pac-man! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Smartass. :lol:

Didn't someone (I'm thinking Dust) post a link to a CFL video game already? I'm sure it's probably a little dated...


If nothing else, even to have CFL rosters on EA's Madden Franchise would be great exposure for the league... for many many years EA's hockey games have included the rosters for many European teams.. As much as not getting to play with Canadian rules would suck, having the rosters in the game without hacks would be a start...

Actually doing the programming for the rules for CFL would be a little bit more... but i think if the NFL were nice enough to let the CFL have their teams in Madden, there would be very little extra work and would add to their Canadian sales significantly..

I still don't see how this game wouldn't sell a million copies in Canada between PS3, and 360, possibly PC, and maybe a dumbed down version for PS2.

A lot of people out there would come out of nowhere to buy a good CFL game, the key is that it has to be good.

That means about a 60million dollar revenue, and 45 million profits on 15 million production. Lets say even half that buys it at 500,000 it's still worth it.

The ONLY way it wouldn't sell is if the company that made it pushed out a crappy product and slapped the CFL name on it.

Wow you have no idea about video games at all do you and how much they sell. Seriously people most of you guys are so clueless its funny. Learn how the industry works first then start spouting off your made up stastics that are no where NEAR accurate.

Please fill all of us idiots in then!

I have posted in a number of threads of why a CFL video game won’t happen, and if it happens it will be a flash game or something along those lines.

IMHO a CFLvideo game would be great, it would be a great way to promote the Canadian game, BUT NFL has the rights to the Tech , thats why there is no cfl game on the market, NFL SUCKS

Has anybody, particularly those arguing why a game won't happen, bothered to read all the posts in this thread?