Why is there a Ratio Rule in the CFL?

I think I somewhat understand it, but in my eyes you put the best players on the field no matter what. I can’t think of another league that does this. Again I am just trying to understand this rule as an American fan, so please don’t misunderstand my question as an attack on the CFL as I have come to love the CFL.

Well it’s the Canadian Football League after all. In it’s long storied history they have always had Canadian players and slowly increased the import quotas as the years went by. In may not occur in other football leagues but there are player restrictions in other sports like European hockey, soccer etc…

Kinda repeating Pope most leagues have some sort of ratio outside the US including the Premier League . US pro sports are more internal home-grown like baseball , football and basketball where there is lots of players to stock the teams .

National Hockey League has taken awhile but for some hockey was a 95 percent Canadian stocked with a mere 6 teams and because most likely we were not seen so foreign to Americans and the first teams were in the north the league was accepted but at a level much lower than football , baseball or even basketball .

Hockey’s surge was multiple factors but in my opinion and some others the miracle on ice and Gretzky were major factors in getting full buildings and somewhat of a better tv deal down south .

CFL would die a quick death if it was not the illusion of this being a half Canadian league .

We would probably lose all the high school , junior and CIS 3 down version of football .

The four down game would quickly take over and the Canadian game would be a history answer of once was the only pro league entirely based in Canada on jeopardy .

Well. I always try to explain this. W/o getting into detail anymore.
The bottom line is that EVERY Pro Sports league in every country in ever sport. Limit the amount of international players outside their country.
There are only 4 leagues in the ENTIRE World that do not limit the amount of players on a pro sports team with International players from other Countries are:
These leagues are the Extreme exception to the rule around the world.
Thats just that.
I guarentee ya if any of these 4 leagues start getting outnumberd by foreigners.
That will change very quickly.

bite yer tongue

Canadian Premier League has a ratio of 50% of the roster being Canadian including 6 starters.

Canadian Elite Basketball League has a ratio of 70% Canadian. So yes, practically most professional sports leagues around the world has a domestic ratio.

I totally understand the team ratio, and I wouldn’t want that to go away.

Check around the World at pro sports leaguse.
Euro countries in both Hockey & Basketball.
Japan & other Asian countries leagues for Baseball

I totally understand the team ratio, and I wouldn't want that to go away.
But it has gone away. How many Canadians are there in the CFL, who lived full time in Canada, went to Candian University, and continue to live here all year long. Don't include new Canadians that lived here for a few years, and went to high school and college in the USA and live here part-time. Check out each roster and it will shock you. The system is meant to keep the Salary cap manageable.

It would be “cheaper” if there were fewer Canadians, and especially Canadian starters … their scarcity tends to drive up the salaries for starters and top-end reservists compared to comparable Americans … supply/demand economics.

Gridiron Football is very unique for seceral reasons.
First, it an exclusive sport to North America. US & Canada.
Second, These Countries Border each other.
Unlike Hockey & Basketball that have heavy Euro pro leagues and players.
Similar to baseball. As alot of talent at pro level come from Caribean & Central America.

But with the world shrinking as easier access around the world. Euro Hockey & Basketball were much easier accessable.
In baseball it took to the last couple decades before Japan & other Far East Asian pro leagues has the MLB been able to bring the best to MLB from Asia.

Same as Soccer ( Which is Futball) to the rest of the world.
EPL has become THE league to play in and the best players from around the World are more accessable.
& like the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, the EPL as well are the highest paying pro leagues by Far.

As for what the CFL considers Canadian Nationals now. Are in line with what the rest of the World considers National players.
Players who have dual citizenship. In said countries which makes alot more sense as the world evolves.
Opposed to the non-import rule as it was you could move from any country un the world to Canada. If you lived in Canada for 5 years (or watever it was) you were essentially consider to be a Canadian. Even w/o have citizenship.
Hense the term non - Import.
Now during the modern era of pro football from the 40s & 50s.
US players who played in the CFL began living their. Their kids were born their.
Many Players & Other Americans who went to Canada for other careers outside of sports.
Married spouses that lived in canada their whole life & their kids now have dula citizenship.
Even if they moved out of canada to US or other countries.
Their familes have Long Canadian routes.
More than someone who moved to canada wen they were 12yrs old with their familes.