Why is the TSN broadcast quality so bad?

Is anyone else experiencing the poor quality of the broadcasts? I have seen the quality get worse and worse.
The third quarter of the Ticats vs Winnipeg game tonight became so broken up it was impossible to understand what was happening on the field. The fourth quarter was a complete write-off, the broadcast was so bad, with the image and the sound stopping and starting, that I finally gave up and turned it off. Can't something be done?

No problems here.

Must be your cable provider, unless you are watching webcasts with broadband limitations.

I had some signal loss for about a minute in the first, otherwise it was good. Well, technically good the game however..............

A few momentary interruptions in the first, then OK the rest of the way.

And here I thought this was going to be another thread about Rod Black. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing here,although I did notice for the 2nd time this year that the tech team had Bakari Grants stats under a picture of Corey Grant....come on guys,figure it out already,Corey's one of our coaches now and retired 4 years ago from playing....why don't you update your data base already.This is the second or third time this has happened this year.

No problems here in Vancouver that i saw. I watched from the 2nd quarter onwards tho.

The TSN mobile for the Android tablet won't work. I had to download Firefox and watch the TSN VOD at 7am (6 hour time difference) no sound available and a terrible flicker, but at least I got to watch the game even though it was tape delay and TSN must have uploaded it a couple of hours after the game finished.

The signal in my area was also out for minute or so in the first. At one point when they had Sutter and Cuthbert on, you could see the background through them. I was about to call the Ghost Hunters.

What really bothers me are no replays on some calls or not telling us what a penalty was for. Sometimes I think they get too wrapped up listening to there own voices.

That was everywhere, it was a source feed problem. The TSN logo overlay was still working but that was it.

No problems on my feed after that.

What really bothers me are no replays on some calls or not telling us what a penalty was for. Sometimes I think they get too wrapped up listening to there own voices.
Yeah, they've been really erratic this year. They'll be talking and ignore the play, not talk about penalties, and other mistakes. It's all fixable stuff, but they need to focus on the game first and on hearing themselves talk second.

That's been a problem for several years. Black and Forde are the worst for it, but all the crews are guilty of it to some degree. Most frustrating is when they are talking about some absolutely meaningless BS while the official is announcing the call which we now can't understand. I watch the games on a bit of a delay because I'm always rewinding to create my own replays and trying to find the penalty. Mostly you can figure it out if the cameras show where and when the flag was thrown, but the viewer shouldn't have to.

C.C needed to stop talking about the Winnipeg QB situation for just one series.

That's probably just Rogers doing their dirty tricks to lower the ratings of the enemy, like the last CFL/TSN power outage earlier this year which was traced back to Rogers center. I believe Rogers also hires shills to pollute this and other CFL fan forums with their anti-Canada and pro-Jays/MLS blatherings. :roll:

I noticed something last night that I had not noticed before. Not sure if its because of the new screen size but after replays in particular. I would see a lot of digital aritfacs (blotchiness) not sure if its compression from the cable provider or if its from TSN itself but it was very noticeable compared to the fox broadcast of the NFL game I watched Thursday night.

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