Why Is The National Media So Focused On Baseball?

Sure Vopini. I mean ArgoZ.

I like berezin’s whining ArgoZ, he is passionate about the CFL and that is great. But I think we have to face facts that the CFL is really a regional league in many respects in Canada, not as much as hockey in the US I don’t think but sort of like this. Baseball, specifically MLB, has more people interested if only in a quasi sort of way since Toronto is the only MLB franchise now in Canada. But take my family which is fairly representative I think. I grew up in London, Ont and my Dad was a huge baseball fan and we went to see the Tigers in Detroit a lot. He wasn’t a huge CFL or NFL fan but watched a bit. But he and his brothers laped up baseball and baseball was the thing to do in the summer for us kids. I think my Dad felt bigger by associating himself with the big-time American major leagues of baseball and in his mind the CFL was just small time Canadian stuff, and he didn’t have the gumption to really take in something Canadian. I don’t know, I’m just glad I didn’t turn out like him because even though my Cats are crap again this year, I love watching every CFL game, nothing agains’t baseball but CFL entertainment where each game in an 18 game schedule means something is so much better. I love it but we have to just realize that Canadian media, partly because of the Jays and Ted Rogers’ influence, are going to get more coverage from Vancouver to St. John’s to Whitehorse, just the way it will be, too much vested interest in MLB from people who are running the media show.

Now in the States Football is #1 compared to baseball

Good points but this guy want CFL all the time! There are only 8 darn teams! 2 games last week! How many possible stories, coverage could SPORTS networks give? It wasn't that long ago where TV coverage was bad, stadiums were empty, no one cared. Now every single game is on TV, some and eventually all HD, stadiums are full even in T.O. and newspapers have plently of coverage. Being a SPORTS fan, I would like to know lots of other info, not just my favorite CFL. I didn't realize everyone else has too suffer because the CFL is so much better than everything else.

It's silly whining. Anyways, I'm going to watch Man U play Watford because the Argos don't play on T.V. till Labour day. Hope that is OK with everyone as I will be boosting the EPL's ratings which might cut into your next CFL story.