Why Is The National Media So Focused On Baseball?

Am I the only one who is tired of going to our supposedly national newspaper websites, and seeing any and everything mentioned about baseball, while the CFL is lucky to get one story?

Why is baseball getting so much coverage up here, when the interest does not warrant it? While the CFL gets treated like the weak cousin, when it is more popular?

Especially when 95% of the teams in baseball aren't even located in this country, while 100% of CFL teams are?

I'd love to hear the logic behind the people running the natioanl media who think sports from a foreing country are always more important than our own more popular sports? And why we just sit back and take it?

I really dont care what the national media does.. we get excellent coverage of the Riders from the local media, and that is good enough for me.

Yah I agree but everytime this topic comes up, the ones who agree with you, are usually bombarded with baseball lovers and TSN supporters who say that the coverage is completely fair and we should accept reality, face the truth. When I spoke my mind the majority of posters seem to feel the CFL does get good enough media coverage.

I think the coverage is poor. I think they should have a CFL TV show on TSN to promote some of the sport and the league. The better CFL coverage seems to be on "The Score". TSN only seems cover a football game by showing the one big run a nice pass and the winning field goal. That is all TSN thinks the public has time to watch. Man does TSN need a kick in the @$$ when it comes to that, IMO.

One word: Tor-ON-to

32 teams playing 162 games = 2592 games to report!
8 teams playing 18 games = 72 games to report!
You do the math......Wait I just did the math for you!

Toronto has nothing to do with it.....I live in Montreal and the is just as much baseball coverage. If you dont like it...change the channel!

Province Newpaper gives the CFL good coverage. Sportstalk on CKNW is pro hockey. Heck, they talk hypothetical trades in August!

Like ro pointed out, if you don't like it switch channels. And, I do, when they talk Hockey in August!

Just because a league has more total games does not mean that the amount of time the CFL gets as coverage has to change. The fact that the CFL has less games should be a reason to air more CFL footage and stories but you argue a reason for less coverage.

during weekdays, there is almost no sport (except for Tennis and Baseball), so, is it normal to get bombarded of Baseball during the week? TSN and RDS have 30 to 60 minutes news shows dedicated to sports, so, they have to show viewers content.

2592 games vs 72 games means that there should be more coverage for the CFL?
Ya that makes lots of sense!

Based on your theory.... The school yard dodgeball game should get a good 100 hours a week seeing how there is so little of it!

How can you give more time to somthing that there is less of? There are 4 games a week, against 200. Just reporting the scores will take 50 times longer
Your problem is that because you dont like somthing you feel no one esle should have it>

I think the vast majority of people up here do not follow all the teams.

I'd say teams that usually get the press are the Jays, Yankees, Red Sox, and perhaps Seattle and the occasional team with a Canadian on it.

Its not really 2592 games that get the press, it's probably a third of that or less, still more than there is CFL games though.

Heck the 162 Jays games along are more than there are CFL games.

Sorry, but popularity DOES have something to do with it.
Using your "school yard dodgeball" analogy, take a look at the NHL. Half as many games as baseball, but once hockey starts do you really think there will twice as much baseball coverage?

The CFL does get the short end of the sports section in the National papers.

The "national" papers are based in Toronto. 'Nuff said.

Agreed :cowboy:

2Much and mking you guys are bang on.
It's what I have been saying for quite sometime.
The "National" is a misnomer and I live in the area which is rightfully hated by the rest of Canada as it is truly a wannabee US and "World Class City" crapola.

Oh please. To the guy who said baseball is more popular than the CFL? Give me a break.

On TV, which is the true barometer, the CfL does better than the Jays. And non-Blue Jays baseball does horrible ratings. The World Series did squat last year on Sportsnet.

So why is baseball getting so much coverage? The answer is obvious. Its because the media is full of baseball fans.

I mean all you gotta do is watch that Reporters show on TSN, and these guys could go on ad-infinitum about baseball. But who outside of them cares?

I say until we kick these dinosaurs out of the media, baseball will continue to get front and centre.

And what I find funny is they still cover baseball in Montreal? Even though the team folded because nobody cared? Like I say. What the hell is our media up to?

No you are not!

I follow MLB, but not the Jays, they stink. And while some of you are on the topic of Tarana, why do all their pro teams stink ?

There is on obvious injustice all across Canada. I am from Montreal the same, CFL as more ratings but we have bad medias coverage!

I think many of us underestimate the amount of baseball fans there are out there. I tend to watch my sports at home or at the stadium, so I only see my fellow fans. Recently I was on the road for a fair bit for work. I found myself often in pubs and similar places and was amazed at the focus there was by patrons on what was happening in baseball. Heck, this was in rural Saskatchewan and I remember one thursday evening when Peg and Montreal were playing and there was baseball on. Most of the TV's were on baseball and I was the only person focused on the CFL game out of about 50 people.

yaaawwwn, same old whining Berizen. Borrrring