Why is The Hall of Fame bust unvieling on a Jewish Holiday

Doesn't seem very inclusive of the leauge does it?

What Jewish Holiday? i don't think it was intentional?? Maybe the organizer is not Jewish and is unaware?peace!!!

Who cares? Many football games are played on Sunday, an important day for many Christians. Get over it.

So Jews have the day off to attend the ceremonies????

It is the Jewish New Year .Maybe you're right but I still think it could have been done the following weekend.

and i can see how the league would make this mistake after all the commish is Jewish.

Out of respect for all Chilean Canadians wishing to celebrate their homelands independence, I pompously object to the bust unveiling being held one week later.

just wondering i thought their holiday was in october because priemeir mcinty moved the date of the election because of their holiday unless this is a different one also the date was probably set last year before the new commissioner got the job

I could care less about Jewish Holidays or any holiday for that matter. No offence, but anyone can look at a calendar worldwide and find some kind of holiday for any country and complain that "oh this is a holiday" for these people.

I dont hear anyone complaining when the CFL plays games on Thankgiving or the NFL plays games on Christmas. Its life, deal with it!

what..we have to stop the world for jewish holidays now??//geeesh :roll:
sporting events are played on Christmas day..do you hear Christians crying about it?

You can't be serious, OMG LOLOLOLOL
so I should've complained about the labour game cause I had to attend the parade, DAM !

My question is why did you have to attend the parade?

I should add that yes they should not have had these events the same time.

who cares, lock this thread, this has nothing to do with football, this thread is gonna end becoming a political commentary thread.