why is the game not on?

the bic game is not on . i am in nanaimo on vancouver island and the antique road show is own. this sucks.
the cbc should pay. this is the second screwup. :cry:

I live in chilliwack and its not on this is totally unacceptable

Hey i just found out you can get the game on the computer. Just go to www.cbcsports.ca/sports/.

I live in chilliwack and its not on this is totally unacceptable

its on the HD channel for me :smiley:

this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had 15 people over to party and enjoy the butt-kickin' Argos were about to get. Beer, chips, the whole shabang.... comes 7:00 o'clock and what do we see?!!! A freakin' ANTIQUE SHOW!!!!

CBC once again managed to make me wanna take off my eyes and pure hot-metal to my skull through the eye-holes!!!!!!!!! That freakin' CBC-station better realize, it's our tax-money that makes their stupid Antiques shows possible... except tax-payers don't wanna watch that crap!!!! Why does CBC abuse us in BC! what did we ever do to this freakin' station... this is just a start.. the hockey season is right around the corner... and we have to put up with the biggest idiot of all, Craig Miller!!!!!!
What a true disappointment

who is Craig Miller?

Every now and then I am reminded this is a second rate league. Blackouts in Greater Vancouver, sure, but on Vancouver Island? Get your #@#$@ together or go away!

Keep in mind that CBC doesn't control the blackouts. That's the league's fault.

Phone and complain to the Lions, they have the right to lift the blackout if they see fit or if enough people attend it.

Blackouts are done by area. The island falls under the area. I dunno if it up to The league, or the tv station to remove the island from the blackout, but apparently, it takes more common sense than can be found either at CFL head office, or at the network.

However, in their defense, since the island gets the same signal as does vancouver, it may be impossible to separate for the Island.

You could have watched it on CFL Broadband, it was on there. So next time if you can hook your PC up to your TV screen you should be able to watch.

we are not in the blackout range.
it says the blackout area is 56km for cable and 120km for conventional tv. most tv is cable. the island is not within the 56 km area . it is 30 nautical miles or 56 kilometers to vancouver from the departure bay run in nanaimo or 38 nautical miles which translates to 70 kilometers from the duke point run in nanaimo. so we ARE NOT in the black out arrea.

here is the link: http://www.esks.com/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=784 to my source.

:x mad as anything :x

Was it blackout for the whole island or just Victoria.

Has it not been the same with both CBC and TSN all along

Why havent you already complained and gotten an explaination from CFL andor the networks???

I think that stations that were available before cable might not be considered cable.

Just like when I use my digital box for watching all stations, yet only the stations I need the box for are considered digital.

My reply previously was from nanaimo bc and we have had seen games on cbc when they were in bc place before. so the blackout explanation does not hold any water and yes i have already complained to the cfl and cbc. :cry:

iam from nanaimo bc and i have seen bc home games before so the blackout explanation does not hold water and yes i have already emailed the cfl and cbc

pissed in nanaimo :cry:

all right, in case it's not clear...
We in the island of hell "Vancouver Island" have been able to watch the games before. Only this time, some cbc-weirdo managed to live up to station's name and screw-up big time and feed us some bs-antique show!
So obviously "black-out" is not the reason...
Man I miss Vancouver! I can't wait to get outta this hell-hole!

SO MAD! Wrapped up a round of 18 to hurry home for kickoff!!!!!

I would be mad too if I got stuck playing golf.