Why is the East always the crappy division?

Why is the West the Best Division seemingly every season?

I think there's only been 1 season in recent history where the East had the better record vs the West.

Why does the West dominate so consistently?

Always ? I think not.

Much of it has to do with injuries, turn over and I think scouting.

Here is a couple of recent seasons showing equality :


EDM 14 - 4
CGY 14 - 4
OTT 12 - 6
HAM 10 - 8
TOR 10 - 8


BCL 13 - 5
CGY 12 - 6
MTL 11 - 7
TOR 9 - 9

The NBA has had the same conference disparity for years and the sun still rose the next day.

In terms of this year.

Montreal - a rebuilding team
Ottawa - a third year expansion team that over acheived last year
Hamilton - Injures especially at QB on and off all year
Toronto - Complete mismanagement at every level. Can't win an intrasquad game.

Only 2 teams won the GC with a losing regular season record. Both came from the west. The sun still rose the next day.

This season was very bad for the East.

What I can not recall was a time when a first place team East or West finished below 500 as Ott has done this year.

It does not matter now however. All 6 teams are now 0 - 0.

Everybody hit the restart button.

Like Chris Shultz says " it is not the best team that wins the game - it is the team that plays the best"

OH wow.. 2 whole seasons. Wow :roll:

It is not just 2 seasons. I was just using them as an example.

I am not going to list every season that the East was equal or better.
You are the one that said you could not remember.

It was not that long ago that the Als and Argos were tops and the West was the weaker.

Just do some research man.

The best way is to go to wikipedia " 2015 cfl season then hit the < and take note.

I was just trying to answer your question.
Please save the :roll: for those who rip on Rider fans.

Because of "injuries", hahahahahaha

Of 20 years there have been crossover eligible a team has crossed 9 times, all West going East. That is pretty significant.

Top 4 records 1
Top 3 records 4
Top 2 records 4
Top 1 (or tied) records 5

Top 4 records 0
Top 3 records 0
Top 2 records 2
Top 1 (or tied) records 5

Championships: 12:7 West in that time

There have been a couple blips where teams had really good records in that time, but aside from Montreal, there has been nothing sustained.

Not a shot at the East intended here, but it is rather amazing. It would be nice to see the East have a few solid seasons where there are 3 teams with winning records. It is good for the league.

And since 2000, the West has won 11 Grey Cups, the East only 5 (Als 3, Argos 2).

At some point, you start to wonder if the welfare playoff home game nature of the East plays into it. I mean, Ottawa's the first team ever in the CFL to win the division with a losing record. Hamilton was worse and gets a home playoff game. Neither team would even make the playoffs if they were in the West.

The East is virtually the development league for the West, the disparity is so glaring.

no…they don’t want their players…I kid…I couldn’t resist a window like that

2014 saw a 9-9 team in first…not a losing record, but not a winning one either. 85 saw a 500 team in first as well.

Nothing was worse than a 4-14 Ottawa team making the playoffs and a 9 win team not…that crossover was definitely needed. Can you imagine if they had made it to the GC!!!

I would hate to see the East/West thing go away…but sometimes I wonder if some good would come out of it. It has been a good 15 years since the win/loss records in each division were somewhat comparable…perhaps a realignment would elevate some teams…or perhaps devastate fanbases if they never climbed up and then were rarely a contender.

It is amazing in such a small league with a small cap that it is not generally more equal…But I look at teams like BC and Calgary and their sustained success…they forked out and got primer GMs and have done so well.

Toronto was 4-2 when Ray went down with injury and missed 10
Collaros missed 8 games due to injury.
The Als still haven't found a QB they can count on
Both Burris and Harris missed games due to injury

On the other side

Nichols was healthy all year
Mitchell was healthy all year
Jennings was healthy all year
Riley was healthy all year
Durant missed a couple games this year, but not enough to have changed the team's fortunes in any significant way.

Stability at the most important position definitely helped the west. The east teams had different QBs from week to week which likely contributed to a lack of success across the division.
Combined that with both Montreal and Toronto being a mess anyway, and the east only had 2 teams as contenders, in Hamilton and Ottawa.

It has been an odd phenomenon that the trend has been so consistent for so long in an 8/9-team league.

I hope that some financial/ownership/management stability in the Ontario teams will bring them better long-term on-field success and things will balance out between the divisions a bit more.

Although your thread title and the above response indicate you are not really looking for a serious answer, I will give one anyway because I think it's an interesting question.

There are two possibilities:

1) Individual teams in the West have performed well more often than individual teams in the East, over a period of many years, for reasons specific to each team.

or ...

2) All things being equal, there is something inherent about being from the East that causes teams to underperform, and/or something inherent about being from the West that causes teams to do well.

I think we can rule out #2. If anything, being in the East would be advantageous. Shorter travel for road games on average, fewer games out of your own time zone, closer to a larger population base (which is relevant for players who prefer to play close to home), arguably a greater proportion of cities with more urban appeal for the players. So unless you think there is something in the drinking water in all the Eastern cities, we should probably move on.

As for #1 - reasons specific to each team. Let me count the ways:

a) Ownership. Instability like we have seen in the not-too-distant past in Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa absolutely does have an impact. Poor ownership can lead to selection of poor management and poor player personnel decisions. Even Calgary learned this lesson a little over a decade ago. Community ownership tends to lead to more stability.

b) Fan support. More fans mean more money to spread around (e.g. Saskatchewan), which can only help. It also directly impacts (a) above.

c) The Calgary effect. Imagine the Stampeders played in the East instead of the West, and suddenly we're not even asking this question. They are the only team that has been consistently dominant, in either division, due to being extremely well run and having continuity throughout the Hufnagel era. Every other Western team had had its lean years in the very recent past (although BC didn't dip as low as most). And for whatever reason the turnarounds tend to happen more quickly in the West than the East (or so the Riders fans are hoping).

d) Management & coaching. Teams in the West have benefited from guys like Hufnagel and Buono being in charge. Just as Montreal benefitted from Popp's talents until he more recently became somewhat unhinged. Again, imagine if Buono's career played out in Hamilton and Toronto instead of Calgary and BC, and this is probably a different discussion. Austin is bringing stability and success to Hamilton, if you consider this year to be a blip.

e) Randomness. Why did Winnipeg mostly suck last time they were in the East, and only got better once they were back in the West? (Surely the answer is not tied to the division they nominally played in.) Why do Tiger-Cat players drop like flies to injury, often without even being contacted by another player? (some of us think it's the turf at the new stadium.) Why did Ricky Ray miss 7 games total in his 9 years in Edmonton, then miss an average of 7 games each of his 5 seasons in Toronto? Two expansion teams in the past 15 years have both been in the East - largely related to (a) and (b) above. Only one team has had its home schedule dictated (until very recently) by a mysteriously hostile MLB franchise.

I think it's about teams striving to beat the teams in their divisions in order to make the play-offs. In the West teams have had a greater bar of excellence to reach than have teams in the East. They have built their organizations accordingly.
In the East teams seemingly have felt that .500 was the mark to hit. Much higher in the West.
Importantly I think the fans support and demand in a few Western cities set the bar much higher than in the East.

It would be interesting to know how the top teams spend their scouting dollars. I think it would be very telling.

I remember Popp saying to the media once " who cares about the back-up QB".

Well, certainly most Western teams do.

And certainly top Western franchises have had much more stability.

And I find Western teams are much quicker to change age old biases:
-develop a run game again
-move away from old traditions of all Canadian O-line
-change the use of ratio.
When you have stability you can develop rather than copy.

This whole discussion is pretty rich considering that 3 of the 5 Western teams fixed their problems by raiding Eastern teams.

Ottawa and Hamilton are well run and competitive, they have proper infrastructures to compete in today's CFL.

Toronto has management problems and Montreal has infrastructure and management problems with Saskatchewan getting new facilities this will become even more of a competitive disadvantage for these two teams.

Frankly, I think it just seems that way because the media only mentions it when the west is superior. In seasons where the east is dominant, you never hear a word about it.

Why? Because the media is based in Toronto, and there are still a lot of people in Toronto (particularly media types) who want the CFL to fail. They think that if we show that we can’t support our own football league, the NFL will be clamoring to expand to Canada. :roll: So focusing on how bad the Eastern division is is their way of discouraging people in Toronto from attending games.

It's been decades of dominance . It's a fact , not like the media is making it up ! Besides last year, it,s been WEST dominance since the 80,s .

With the exception of a few years the west always seems to do better. There have been a few years when The Argos were sitting at the top that you just knew the Grey Cup was there's. The years that come to mind are 91, 96 and 97.
The same feeling I've had about Calgary since before the season started.

This year is the worst that I can remember in the east however. I'm hoping that the new Argo owners don't cut Barker and Milo slack because of the fact that the whole east was poor.

The East were Beasts last year.