Why Is The CFL Infested With So Many Terrible Coaches?

Even after Gary Crowton and Dan Hawkins have been mercifully fired and put out of their misery, the CFL is still filled with brutal coaches. Kavis Reed and Timid Burke continue to make fools of themselves on a weekly basis. But they can rest easy knowing that failed HCs in the CFL will always be welcomed as co-ordinators, no matter how brutal their record might have been.

Greg Marshall was a colossal failure as a HC lasting a mere eight games, seven of which he lost. He’s only marginally better as a DC, but somehow manages to continue bumbling up and down the sidelines as the DC in Edmonton. The only thing worse than Jeff Reinebold’s fake tan was his embarrassing attempt as a HC. Despite his disastrous 6-26 record Reinebold managed to claw his way back into the CFL last season as DC for Montreal. Not surprisingly, that lasted for all of one year but Reinebold somehow found employment as ST coach for Hamilton. In four seasons as a HC Marcel Bellefeuille never finished above .500. But mediocrity like that is considered an upgrade in Winnipeg where he takes over as the OC. These guys make Doug Berry look like a coaching legend, considering he’s the only one of the group to ever manage a winning season and has a career record of 27-26 as a HC.

Speaking of which, now that Berry has taken over everything but the title of OC in Montreal how is it possible that Mike Miller is still collecting a pay cheque? Miller came into the league with ZERO experience in the CFL and was an unmitigated disaster as an OC with Montreal - - just as he was in his previous job with the Arizona Cardinals. Seems unfathomable to think Miller was the best option the Als could come up with.

When it comes to position coaches, things get even worse. Teams are basically limited to whatever’s left from unemployed and unwanted scrap heap. Most are from dinkified little no name colleges and come north with ZERO experience in the CFL. David Kelly (RB) in Edmonton, Todd Howard (DL) in Saskatchewan, Steve Hladio (RB) and Will Plemons (DL) in Winnipeg, Carl Hairston(DL) in BC, Allen Rudolph (OL) and John Zamberlin (LB)in Hamilton and pretty much everyone in Montreal. When you’re not a good coach to begin with and you come in with the attitude that coming from the NFL/NCAA makes you an expert, it’s not surprising to see such poor results.

So what’s the reason for terrible coaching in the CFL? We won’t see examples of CFL lifers like Don Matthews or Wally Buono in the future, because if someone has similar success they’ll be heading to the NFL as Trestman did. I’d expect Milanovich is angling for the same thing, except he’ll leave to be an OC in the NFL rather than a HC.

Unlike the NFL, the CFL can’t use Canadian colleges as a pipeline for coaches. Coaching in the NCAA is pretty much comparable to the NFL in terms of complexity and intensity, but coaching in the CIS is light years away from the CFL. There’s absolutely ZERO pressure in the CIS - - a couple thousand drunken undergrads show up on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning they’ve completely forgotten about what happened during the game. Unlike the NCAA where coaches are under a microscope just as an NFL coach would be. Money in the CIS isn’t too far below the CFL, so why would a HC want to leave a country club where he has total autonomy and ZERO pressure? As a result, teams are left with choosing between recycled CFL garbage or unwanted and untalented NCAA/NFL rejects.

There are a few coaches in and out of the league that deserve a chance sooner or later. Jacques Chapdelaine in BC, Dave Dickinson and perhaps Rick Campbell in Calgary. Looks like Marcel Bellefeuille will be HC next year in Winnipeg, and Chris Jones in Toronto should get a shot.

In the CIS, both Greg Marshall at Western and Danny Maciocia at UdeM deserve a another shot.

You're right. They should be fired and replaced with you. Then they potentially will have a roster full of guys with very short careers with their health concerns being mishandled :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw a few if not most of the position coaches you named are on teams where those positions are strengths....

You would be our resident expert on the subject of fools. :cowboy:

Money , the NFL and US college attracts best coaches. The CFL has some great coaches but can't compete with the Dollars the Americans pay their coaches !

One of the reasons I like the CFL is because it is a playmaker's league as opposed to a "coaching league". That changed somewhat because of the "Trestman effect".

How do you explain Chamblin ? One of the worst DC in recent memory and doing well this season as a HC. In the end it comes down to talent.

That's the real bottom line. MONEY

Okay, you can't complain about recycling old coaches and about coaches with zero CFL experience at the same time. There aren't enough winning coaches with CFL experience to go around. That means you're either going to get other guys with experience getting another shot, or guys without CFL experience being brought in.

Doing neither of those things means that as your coaches die off, you wind up with no coaches at all.

You guys are all wrong... The reason they are terrible is a strictly Canadian problem... You see it is a Canadian trait to have no self esteem in ourselves and to hire forigners to run our major corporations. This is definately common in the industry I work in.We ignore coaches with decades worth of experience in coaching Canadian Football, and instead hire forigners who often have never heard of Canadian Football. There are CIS and Junior coaches in this country that are lightyears more qualified, then the yokels they bring in from the third world backwater down south.
Canada is simply a stupid country. We give away all of our jobs due to a lack of self esteem.... Sad really, if you think about it. The last CIS coach to get a head coaching job in the CFL was almost 10 years ago!!!!! He wqs fired after going 0-4 despite winning the coach of the year the previous year!!!!!

I don't totally disagree. I would love to see somebody like Blake Nill get a shot at coaching in the CFL. Growing up with the Canadian game would certainly help with understanding the game. It drive me nuts when you see a guy like Kavis Reed coaching and not understanding the rules of the game.

My high school coach, Brian Dobie, has now been coach of the U of M Bisons for over 15 years. I've been waiting for him to get the call up to CFL for a long time.


Brian Dobie cant get a shot but Mike Kelly and Dan Hawkins can....LMAO.... what a joke.... Last year when the Bombers were treating its fans lke prison inmates.... The Americans in charge explained,"that's how it is in the NFL"... The morons didn't even realize that we live in a free country and not in the USA where the incarceration rate is 16 times higher then here. They are completely out of touch... All three are fired noow, but are still being paid, and are draining the franchise of resources... This all could of been avoided by hiring Canadians.

You are definitely............not afraid to speak your mind area51, good on you.

You're reading way too much into his hiring. The new GM will decide who the HC is and there's no gaurantee he'll even be a candidate.

Why are more teams not grooming young coordinators and position coaches to take over instead of bringing in down-and-out career failures from the NCAA/NFL? Just like the way Buono had Benevides apprenticing under him for five or six years. Or like Calgary is doing right now with Dickenson, Campbell and Kilam. All three understand the CFL game inside and out - - not to mention, they're good coaches. No wonder Calgary is one of the leagues best teams.

As I mentioned, it’s highly unlikely Dobie or any other tenured CIS coach would be interested in leaving his university to take a coaching job in the CFL. You have complete control over the CIS program and don’t have to answer to an idiot GM like Joke Mack, or a clueless Board of Directors like they have in Winnipeg. Greg Marshall’s pulling $130k at Western - - he works half the hours that a CFL coach would…beats the crap out of UofT and York every year…full control of the program…ZERO pressure from the AD. He would be insane to give that up for the CFL.

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I agree ... and it appears to be a short read. :wink:

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We definately need to give CIS coaches more opportunities to appretice and coach. Enough with the "inferiority complex"! We can compete with the best of them. We need to faith in one another as Canadians.