Why is the CFL important?

I’m curious as to why most posters think that the CFL is important to Canadian Unity?

As a continuing point of comparison, folks here criticize the CBC as a waste. Odd as it is is the only bond that all Canadians can listen to at the same time and is essentially Canadian in every form.

Why is the CFL, with its huge American impact from players to key decision makers, seen by most of you as important to Canada?

Obviously we love football, but millions do not. In fact by far the majority of Canadians do not. Do you just support it because you love it. Is the corollory - if you dislike something, like the arts perhaps, then you do not feel the gov’t should fund it? -true.

So again why is the CFL important to Canada?

no. The govt has no business funding anybody's entertainment or hobbies, whether it be arts, sports, or collecting stamps, regardless of who likes what.

CFL has been my number one passion for 44 yrs, but I do not like to see any level of govt putting so much as one dollar into its survival, unless there is a case to be made that the govt will make a profit on it, directly, or indirectly.

If you like something, then support it yourself, directly, not through the govt.

As to why the CFL is important. If you really have to ask, you will never understand.

I surmise though that perhaps you were just trying to make a point?

I don't know why the CFL is important.

As for the CBC, if it's essentially Canadian, then I'm essentially not Canadian.

No I would like to hear why the CFL is important to Canadian unity. Not trying to make a point. I hear people say it but I would like to see someone explain it from their perspective. Why is it important to Canadian unity from your perspective FYB. You’ll get no argument but would love to hear it.

Page 9 of the "no dome stadium in Regina" link has my points. I'm sure I'm in the minority though.

Unless We protect the league it will disappear. Look at the history of the league over the decades. Attendance has dropped and only recently started to grow but its too soon to tell if it is permanent. Too much competition for too few dollars for parents to support. Hockey is next though a generation or two further down the road. Sooner or later kids will be playing more internwhatever sports where you have opportunities to make more money or at least a decent living. Too bad, so sad.

the CFL IS Canadian.

we can relate to it.

many Canadians have this inferiority complex.. where if it isn't American it's not good enough for them.

sounds very Torontoian

you might well ask why is anything important to any country's unityheritagetraditioncustometc.

For one thing, it gives us a sense of uniqueness.

In order to have unity, you need to have commonality. CFL is, or was, an important commonality.

Before the rise of the NFL machine. Before the existance of cable. Before we became so diluted with immigrants. The Grey Cup was as big a Canadian party, as the Olympics last yr. or almost. Long live the days of stampeder fans riding horses through hotels. Viva la Grey Cup train.

What else do we have that is as uniquely Canadian that we can all participate in, one way or another.

Canadians, FYB, are just immigrants with seniority.

The CFL represents to me something that we are doing on our own here for the most part without the aid of the United States, apart from the players of course, and represents a "can do" attitude for Canadians and Canada as a stand-alone entity, business/entertainment that as others have said is unique as well. Balsy and gutsy really to try and make an entertainment entity make a go of it as such. It shows we can be ourselves and enjoy what we have without American teams and when we did have American teams, that didn't work out so well although it could be argued that that small foray into the US at the time brought just enough money to keep the league going.

Combine that with the history of the teams and Canadian football, and of course the iconic Grey Cup trophy, well, it helps us define who we are even if someone doesn't like football or the CFL or Canadian football at all. Like our universal health care system. Warts and not perfect and some hate it but it does help define Canada somewhat. Or maybe some of our theatre and music. I don't like theatre really but can appreciate some Canadian theatre that doesn't rely much on the US to make a go of it.

Shows we "can do" and don't need a lot of help from the US. Ok, now I want to see 100 percent Canadian rosters come to think of it. :wink:

What bothers me about the CBC are things like when they didn't cover the CFL entire season but were glad to bring us Blue Jay games across Canada as a "nation building" activity? Don't think so CBC, won't forget that CBC. I have no problem with them carrying Blue Jay games, not at all, but cover the entire CFL season please.

One word answer; TRADITION !

Gotta agree with Earl, well put !

Canadians have been playing football since it's inception. Some even argue that we Canucks TAUGHT the American's how to play it in the first place, and if it wasn't for McGill, they'd all be playing soccer.

Not only have we been playing football since it's birth, we've played it by Canadian Rules, developed in Canada, played in Canadian Cities, (and untill the the middle of the century almost exclusively) by Canadians.

It's important because it IS Canadian. Irrigardless that many American's find great success in the CFL at many levels. One should realize that many of the most successfull Americans in the league consider themselves "naturalized Canadians".

The CFL is important because it's the grandchild of the Ontario Rugby Football Union, and Quebec Rugby Football Union of the 1860's and 1870. It's important because not to many sports or leagues have the prestige of Championship that is nearly a century old.

The CFL's current add campaign is so powerfull because it's so conclusively true.

This is Our League.

And that is why the CFL is important.

'Canada' encompasses many things that do not involve a majority of Canadians. For example:

-The CFL is Canadian.
-Curling is Canadian.
-Hockey is Canadian.
-Toronto... yes... is Canadian.
-Hating on Toronto is Canadian.
-Immigrants as citizens or aspiring to be so are Canadian.
-Immigrants blind to older Canadian traditions are also Canadian.
-Christian white folk in small towns are Canadian.
-Aboriginal people are Canadian.
-Trying to be American at a plethora of things is a Canadian thing to do.
-Trying not to be American is also a Canadian thing to do.
-Hating on h-english Canada.. is a French Canadian past-time, but Canadian nonetheless..

Trying to exclude any of the above (and more) from one's own personal idea of 'Canada' is unfortunately also Canadian. Its just what exists within this country of ours.

Needless to say, there are 34 million of us in Canada and there are about as many ideas as to what notions and traditions 'unite' Canadians. I'm hard pressed to think of any one thing that unites us all other than we're all human and 99.9999% of us would do well with health and happiness.

Here are a few of my thoughts as to how the CFL impacts on me and my sense of Canadiana.

First of all I’m a big football fan, CFL and NFL.

Grew up on the CFL, switched to NFL and found my way back o the CFL a decade or so ago.

When I watch the Canadian game I get a sense of community in knowing that the game I’m watching is seen across Canada and I’m sharing this simultaneously with other Canadians. Sort of a Friday night date.

With only 8 teams I feel an intimacy and knowledge of those other locations.

I feel I know some fans of other cities because I see them every week.

I love the “smallness? of it.

I feel it mirrors Canada with its high calibre and little bombast approach. I love that.

I love seeing how Canada is respected by most of the Americans involved in the game.

I’ve mentioned it before but the league provides me with a form of familiar comfort. Like macaroni and cheese with a crust. Like how the Labor Day games meant I was going back to school the next day after an eternal summer. Like how the Halloween week games means snow is coming. Like how the home games were on the radio at the cabin in the summer. Still love the radio. The game has shared memories for many Canadians. Memories that are Canadian.

Alot of good stuff being said here; so I'll throw in "PRIDE !"

The fact that every major city/region can afford to have a team...

The league has done lots right in the past few years, starting on canada day, keeping the ratio high, promoting the grey cup as a national game. But what else says canadian than having to overcome obstacles and almost lose your house and the come back in 5 years stronger and healthier.


second, third, fourth, fifth...... gen canadians are not immigrants.

Like that flag - sense of community. Canada needs all the help it can get in this regards to make our sense of community something we feel we own and control ourselves. :thup:

Again, ok with American owners, Geoge Gillet owned the Habs for a while believe it or not, no problem like any league, but keep the team here in Canada if at all possible.

Hey Joe, isn't saying "EH" a lot also Canadian? :twisted: